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The name's Bont, Jace Bont.
—Jace Bont introducing himself [src]

Jace Bont was a Zeltron member of the Corellian Security Force who later joined the Secret Galactic Intelligence Service.


Corellian Security Force

In the early days of Bont's career, he was part of the Corellian Security Force. In 41 BBY, CorSec Commander Bont was on a job to act as security for a formal party at Arrowhead Tower in Coronet City. The criminal known as Jaws attempted to attack the tower and take hostages, but Bont was able to thwart his plans. An altercation between them resulted in Bont shattering Jaws' lower jaw, causing him to get it replaced with cybernetics.


In 38 BBY, Bont's first mission as a rookie MI5 operative was to assist fellow agent Shasta Moonreaper in capturing an arms dealer named Klay on Bakura. They soon discovered that Klay was working with Jaws. So Bont instead went after Jaws, leaving Shasta to deal with Klay. After a chase through the traffic lanes of Salis D'aar, Jaws managed to escape on a jetpack.

After a briefing at MI5 Headquarters that revealed Klay's connections with billionaire Jordo Drax, Bont and Europa Kapanen were teamed up to travel to Drax's estate on Dantooine to investigate. They had a brief meeting with Drax before being escorted to the guest rooms for the night.

That night, Bont went snooping around Drax's offices. He came across a datacard that had shipping routes for the weapons, all leading to Kalee. When Drax's servants attempted to kill the MI5 operatives, they tried to make their escape, only to find that their ship, Sky Skimmer, had been commandeered by Drax's men. Bont and Europa were then taken captive and tortured.

While they were sitting in a holding cell in Jordo Drax's underground compound on Kalee, Valeria Kennt, a friend of Shasta's, arrived to rescue them and take them back to her farmhouse on Dantooine. After a good long rest, they were picked up by their fellow agents on the Durasteel Rancor.

They went back to Kalee and infiltrated the base in search of Drax. From Holly Goodlekku, they found out Drax was heading for his space station, so they commandeered a ship and followed him. While aboard the space station, they learned of Drax's plans to wipe out the InterGalactic Banking Clan, so they turned his own Muunraker ion cannon against him, crippling his station.

With the station falling apart, Bont confronted Jaws for the last time. Bont not only killed him in a brutal brawl, but also ripped the cybernetic jaw right out of Jaws' face. He then made his way back to the docking bay to escape the space station with the others.


Jace Bont.

A few weeks later, he took Nicolette Riley out to dinner at The Spire. Soon after they arrived, the murderer Haas Buck showed up and began shooting people randomly. Bont was able to fight Buck. While Bont survived, Buck fell 180 meters to his death.

The following year, Bont was able to stop an assassination attempt on Chancellor Valorum's life. Soon after, he discovered Agnew's dead body washed up on the shore of Gibralta during an MI5 training exercise. After some interrogations that were going nowhere, the agents finally got the lead they were looking for, the former limmie player Bozak. They discovered he was murdering beings involved in the movement of the Alderaan Daylights team from Alsakan to Alderaan. A speeder chase ensued across the Thranta Region resulting in Bozak's death. The agents later regrouped at the Q'u Branch workshop on Alderaan.

Tracing the incoming calls from Bozak's comlink, the agents discovered Gideon Roon's location (the man who hired Bozak). Bont and Shasta Moonreaper headed out to the cabin in the Alsiri Pass where they discovered that Roon planned to blow up Aldera Stadium during the Federal League's championship limmie game. Roon had rigged the cabin with explosives and attempted to kill the agents. Bont only suffered minor bumps and scrapes but Shasta suffered a concussion, so Bont raced her back to the Q' Branch workshop for medical attention.

Being the anti-terrorist group that they were, the MI5 agents managed to eliminate Roon and disarm the bombs to save over 100,000 innocent beings in the stadium.

In 34 BBY, Bont apprehended the thief Asho Luckbar on Ando Prime with the help of the droid MI5 agent QUAD. After arriving back on Coruscant, Bont was one of the first people to witness QUAD's time travel ability.

Soon after, the investigation into Dr. Noah's escape from prison began which led Bont to CorSec Academy where he gained information from Captain Tramm, then killed him. That information ended up leading Bont to Dagobah where he saw Noah and his friends escaping in a stolen ship. Bont later chased down Dr. Noah and arrested him on Khubeaie. In the weeks that followed, Bont was present when QUAD killed himself.

Personality and traits

Jace Bont was known for his arrogance and his reckless methods in the field during missions. Despite his reckless behavior, he always managed to get the job done and accomplish the mission. He was also a womanizer, using his pheromones to lure the opposite sex into bed. He enjoyed having fun and not totally following the rules, bending them instead of following them.

He frequented the upper-class restaurant The Spire and also loved to drink Vorzyd martinis.

Behind the scenes

Jace Bont was based solely on the film version of James Bond. Bont was meant to be a Star Wars version of James Bond in Dubya Scott's Star Wars... 007 Style fan fiction series.


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