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The JY-73 starbomber was a fighter-bomber in the service of the Eniam Air-Space Corps.

Moderately defended and very well armed, the 73 bomber produced by the Drijoken sacrificed much space for power generators. Four gunners each manned a bubble turret encased in a wing strut. In the middle of the ship sat the bombardier. With computerized aid, the bombardier controlled a half-bubble heavy proton torpedo turret. The torpedo launcher could aim in any direction below the bomber. Another gunner sat behind the bombardier to control the tail gun via camera. In the wide cockpit sat the pilot and the forward gunner. The forward gunner controlled the strut-mounted light turbolasers and also acted as copilot.

The bomber variant was one of a few that used the same basic shell, including a patrol-capture gunship, a light boarding ship, and a shuttle. The design was inspired by Imperial craft such as the TIE series and LAAT gunships. These ships were expected to see little action. Nevertheless, ENE kept military equipment top-of-the-line, and also supplied the equally fancy JA-346 starfighter. JY-73s destroyed several Yuuzhan Vong cruisers in the Battle of Eniam, and later helped the Republic withdraw.

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