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The JA-347 starfighter was a small starfighter in the service of the Eniam Air-Space Corps. It was the direct successor of the JA-346 starfighter. The 347 was designed uncharacteristically soon after the release of the 346, because of complaints that its predecessor was too poorly defended. Unfortunately, the Yuuzhan Vong invaded Eniam before the designing was finished and production began.

Refugee scientists from Eniam collaborated away from their homeworld to finish the new model. They tried to add to its defenses without detracting from its offensive power. As such, it was mostly similar to the JA-347, but was slightly larger to accommodate heavier armor, a deflector shield generator, and the larger power generator required to sustain it. This made it slower, less maneuverable, and a slightly bigger target, but overall it was considered an improvement from the JA-346.

The JA-347's armament was mostly the same type as its predecessor, except some models had the proton torpedo launcher replaced with a rechargeable energy torpedo launcher. The energy torpedoes could only fly in a straight line and were less destructive, but they generated a nearly infinite supply.

It was officially released into the military after the Yuuzhan Vong left Eniam and the native civilization reformed. When the JA-347 entered full production, the JA-346 was discontinued. Fortunately for ENE, it was discovered that 346s could be upgraded to 347s quite easily, without having to build an entire new starfighter.

It never saw much military action in the Air-Space Corps, but some JA-347s found their way into private ownership.

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