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The J10 attack drone, known by humanoids as Bugnaught, was an insectoid Verpine-made combat droid created as a response to the weak sale of the J9 worker drone. The droid used many of the worker drone's parts, but it was outfitted with red sensors, two built-in laser cannons, and a flamethrower, along with a Wookiee-made ryyk blade for melee combat.

Looking to expand the Verpine market to droids made for combat, the Verpine company Roche Hive Mechanical Apparatus Design and Construction Activity for Those Who Need the Hive's Machines decided to use their unsuccessful protocol droid, the J9 worker drone, to be modified for combat purposes. After many new additions and equipments, the droid was dubbed the "J10 attack drone," and was tested in the gladiatorial arena the Cauldron on Rattatak. The drone defeated the Shikitari warrior Carl, but was killed by the Gamorrean combatant Blorga. The winner of the arena, Dark Jedi and assassin Asajj Ventress, took notice of the droid in the arena, however, and used more of the droids as her practice droids.



Suggestion for increased stock: enter combat droid market.
—A Verpine[src]

A variant of the J9 worker drone, the J10 attack drone was nearly exactly the same model; the only alterations were those that made the droid combatable. As with its predecessor, the structure of the droid was based on the anatomy of its creators, the insectoid Verpine of Nickel One. Distinguishing features of the two droids included large buglike eyes, ovoid heads, and two antennae. The J10, however, differed in many respects. The figure of the J10 was more durable and could withstand more damage than its protocol counterpart. The J9's eyes were altered to be red rather than green to give the battle droid a menacing stare, another factor in the intimidation to opponents.

The J10 was armed with several built-in dual built-in laser cannons and a flamethrower. The Verpine even ordered several handmade ryyk blades, melee weapons created by the large furry Wookiees of Kashyyyk, to be placed on the arms of the J10.




Roche Hive, a Verpine-based corporation, decided to enter the protocol droid market with its insectoid J9 worker drone. However, upon the first day of shipping, they immediately realized their flop, as the droid's appearance was alien to the enormous galactic population of humanoids. Angered with the worsening sales of the protocol droid, Roche Hive decided to use this alien appearance to their advantage; they would use it as an intimidation factor while they modify the droid to make it suitable for combat.

Modification and conversion

Bugnaught trains

Bugnaught fights a training droid

Suggestion for arsenal: Ryyk blade, weapon of the Wookiee species.
—Verpine designer[src]

After the reprogramming of the droid was complete, the team of designers ordered a ZX miniature flame projector made by Czerka Corporation for the droid. Later, blaster cannons were placed on the droid as well, along with other assorted blaster weapons. However, the designers noticed a problem; the droid was not suitable for melee combat. After a designer suggested a Wookiee ryyk blade, the droid was reprogrammed to handle melee weapons. A month later, a Wookiee contact of the Verpine made two ryyk blades which were placed on the droid.

Soon afterwards, the modification and conversion of the droid was complete. The J10 destroyed training droids in a few final test matches. The J10 attack drone defeated the training droid after about five minutes of ruthless combat. Designers, however, decided that the attack drone should be tested against an organic, freely-thinking warrior in order to truly test the drone's skill in combat. Thus, after looking through a variety of gladiatorial arenas, the Cauldron arena on Rattatak was randomly selected. Roche Hive made arrangements for the droid to compete.


The Cauldron

The Verpine were, at first, going to sell the new J10 as a security droid to large corporations. The droid, like its precursor, was plagued with many merchandising issues. The droid's insectan appearance alarmed many humanoid customers. After hundreds of failed sales, due to the insectoid issue as well as the droid's limited ability, Roche abandoned the plan and looked into new markets.

They noticed that a gladiatorial brawl was taking place in The Cauldron arena on Rattatak to decide who Count Dooku would use for his Separatist purposes. After much planning, they upgraded the droid's programming, movement, and weapons for use against skilled gladiators in the arena.

Sparring droids


Behind the scenes



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