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Now as I reflect on it, serving the Death Watch was not a good idea. They were just savages. But I must admit, I learned skills from them in combat that helped me many times.
—Ivak Kalazar

Ivak Kalazar was a Human male Mandalorian who originally was part of Death Watch, but defected to the New Mandalorians, and later became a mercenary. He was born on Mandalore, and joined the Death Watch movement as a youth, becoming fascinated with the ancient Mandalorian clans. He became a skilled soldier during the following years, and initially fought against the New Mandalorians during the Clone Wars, but when Pre Vizsla revealed that he was collaborating with Darth Maul and Savage Opress, he saw the man as a traitor. That caused him to join the New Mandalorians, and fought against the Death Watch alongside the police forces and secret service of Satine Kryze in 20 BBY. After their defeat, he fled the planet aboard a stolen ship, and began his work as a mercenary.


Service to Death Watch

We may have a use for you.
—Unidentified Death Watch member

Kalazar was born on the planet of Mandalore in 46 BBY, to unknown parents. During his youth, he learned of the old Mandalorian clans of the past, and became interested in them. He also began learning combat skills around that time, intending to do something related to fighting. That was when he first got the idea to become a mercenary. Kalazar trained hard, and became a good sharpshooter and was an above average martial artist, according to some of the people who he was trained by. However, around 23 BBY, he took a trip to Concordia, the moon of his home planet. There he stumbled upon a base, which he found was used by Death Watch. Kalazar attempted to leave, but was captured by them and forced to serve in the organization.

Kalazar Death Watch

Kalazar during his early service in Death Watch.

When the Clone Wars broke out in 22 BBY and the leadership of Death Watch began making deals with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Kalazar was one of the Mandalorians put into Confederate service as operatives, in return for their support of the Death Watch. He did not have an opinion on the Separatists or the Galactic Republic, and thus was willing to carry out the tasks assigned to him. However, he did not have much motivation for carrying them out, and the success rate of him and the other Mandalorians in the Confederacy's employment was not very impressive, to what Count Dooku expected. Still thankful for what they did do, he kept his concerns quiet, from Vizsla. Kalazar viewed the Confederacy as simply a means to an end, and had no qualms with killing large numbers of others.

The missions Kalazar did for the Confederacy included the sabotage of a large Star Destroyer called the Xerxes while it was being built at the Fondor Shipyards. Later he also fought on Ord Radama, which became known for the high casualties of clone troopers and Jedi. The CIS leadership viewed those as positive contributions to their cause. By 21 BBY, he returned to Concordia. There, Kalazar trained the inexperienced members of the organization, and struck up a friendship with other members, named Mord Jayran and Kro Lann. Kalazar also witnessed the planning for the bombing attacks on the capitol city of Mandalore, which was when he really began to have doubts about joining. Kalazar viewed it to be treasonous to the Mandalorian people, but kept quiet to not be shot by Vizsla's men.

However, in 20 BBY, the leader revealed that he was working with Darth Maul and Savage Opress. Kalazar had found out who Sith were during his time in the Confederacy, at one point serving under Assajj Ventress, hating her due to her attitude. Kalazar had come to dislike Sith in general, after doing more research on them and learning more. He voiced his concern to his friends Jayran and Lann, who both agreed with his views. Jayran was also beginning to regret his decision of joining the organization. Lann was not, but he did dislike the fact that Death Watch was involved with Sith and the Confederacy. They were sent to Carlac several days later, to help a Death Watch occupation force continue oppressing the native Ming Po inhabitants.

Defection to New Mandalorians

I am starting to have some doubts on joining this movement."
"You are not alone.

—Kalazar and Jayran
Kalazar sniping

Kalazar in action on Mandalore.

The Jedi Order sent several members to liberate the Ming Po natives, and they did so, costing Kalazar his eye during the firefight the Mandos had with them. Kalazar did not want a cybernetic replacement, instead wearing a patch, with a scar on his face remaining. He, Jayran, and Lann were some of the only Death Watch members to survive the encounter, and Kalazar was impressed with the skill of the Jedi Knights, though his comrade Jayran hated them, due to a past personal issue. Nonetheless, they were sent back to Concordia soon afterwards, and days later, were prepared for an attack on Mandalore. Vizsla said he was helped by several advisors in the planning of the attack on the capitol city of Sundari, where they had been committing attacks and bribing corrupt officials, including most of the Mandalorian Secret Service. Finally, in 20 BBY, they attacked.

Kalazar took part in the fight, though he actually fought Shadow Collective criminals: a loose coalition of Black Sun and Hutt Cartel thugs that attacked the planet. At first, he was worried it would disrupt the planning of their attack, but was later told that they were hired for it, as a plot, in which the Death Watch would attack the criminals, posing as liberators. That enraged Kalazar, the fact that Vizsla would commit a false flag, hiring thugs to attack their people. He complied, however, though his loyalty was heavily faltering, and Jayran and Lann felt similarly. The trio began doubting their loyalty to the Death Watch, especially Kalazar, who lost an eye for the movement. They began a secondary plan of action, if the Death Watch attack failed, but were unable to finish before the attack.

They fought throughout the city, and had a fairly easy time eliminating the hired thugs. Kalazar, Jayran, and Lann took a personal pleasure from killing the thugs, as even though they were hired by their leader, the trio felt that they were nonetheless foreign invaders that needed to be exterminated. However, as Vizsla took the throne room, Kalazar was one of the people there, and witnessed as Darth Maul and Savage Opress revealed themselves. Feeling betrayed that they would side with the Sith, he left the royal palace and met up with his comrades, informing them of the situation. They were outraged as well, and Lann even suggested that the whole movement was a plot by the Sith to takeover and enslave Mandalore. They quickly made up their minds, and defected to what remained of the New Mandalorians fighting for the city. The trio was accepted eagerly, and was put in command of the few secret service members who did not defect to the Death Watch.

Lethisk-class light freighter

Their vessel, the Tyderium, a Lethisk-class armed freighter.

They fought alongside the police forces, with Kalazar given the rank of captain and the other two were made lieutenants. They fought hard, but were ultimately defeated, though were noted for being the most effective (and brutal) New Mandalorian unit that fought against Death Watch. So much that, Kalazar later noted, they probably would have been accused of war crimes by Satine Kryze. It ended up not mattering, though, as the New Mandalorians were defeated, and the Death Watch had full control. Kalazar left the planet, knowing he was wanted by them for treason, and so did Jayran and Lann, leaving with him. It was a Lethisk-class light freighter called the Tyderium, which was used by Death Watch as a weapons transport.

Making his way in the galaxy

The trio decided to wait until the war was over, as Kalazar suspected there would be regime change and the new government may have use for them as mercenaries. They flew the Tyderium to Nar Shaddaa, where they docked it near a cantina and awaited the news if the war's end. They bought food and drink at the cantina after selling the majority of the weapons aboard the Tyderium to local criminals for credits. As they waited, the trio spent their days sleeping, playing holo-games, and sharpshooting outside. Upon hearing of the Republic victory at the Battle of Coruscant, Kalazar knew the end of the war was close. When they heard of General Grievous' death at the Battle of Utapau, Kalazar ordered them to prep the ship for take off. As they did so, he watched Galactic Emperor Palpatine's Declaration of the New Order live, and witnessed the formation of the Galactic Empire.

Though Jayran and Lann kept their armor the same, Kalazar was compelled to change his, as he believed it looked too much like the standard Death Watch uniform. He colored it red. One of the more unique weapons he found and took a liking to aboard the Tyderium was a large metal staff, and Kalazar decided to use it as his signature weapon. They traveled casually through the Outer Rim Territories, and slowly witnessed the Imperialization of everything. Unmarked Victory I-class Star Destroyers were seen much more often than the old Republic Navy Venator-class Star Destroyers. As they traveled, Kalazar discussed the New Order, finding it as a good, strong government that he wanted to serve, while his two friends remained neutral about it. He briefly thought about giving them what he had, and enlisting in the Imperial Army or Stormtrooper Corps.

New missions

Upon arrival on Coruscant, they contacted the Imperial government. On the way there, Kalazar saw that the Core Worlds were the most Imperialized. Interested in the trio of Mandalorians, the Supreme Commander of the Imperial forces, Darth Vader, said he had use for them. He hired them as trainers for the new recruits and clones of the Stormtrooper Corps, something which Kalazar personally found delightful, due to his heavy Imperial leanings. His comrades did not care either way, and agreed to Vader's proposal, and were sent to the planet of Kamino, where new batches of clones to serve as stormtroopers were being created.

Personality and traits

Talents and abilities

Behind the scenes

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