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"It Takes Only One"


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October 20, 2013


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"It Takes Only One" is a Star Wars fan fiction novella written by Sakaros. It tells the story of the fateful night when Renamo Kemset became "the man who killed Kilwyo Kesh". It was published to the Star Wars Fanon wiki on October 20, 2013.

Publisher's summary

"It Takes Only One"
''While lamenting his troubles and daydreaming about reversals of fortune for himself, part-time warehouse worker Renamo Kemset spots the infamous pirate Kilwyo Kesh in a bar.  No help is coming, and no one has the courage to act.  Will Renamo find that courage himself…or watch as Kesh and his gang escape yet again?''




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Dramatis personae

Other characters

  • Aquila Corcer (Appears in flashback(s))
  • Four teen Jubill guests at Currolichey
  • Members of the Nightside Raiders
  • Patrons at Currolichey
  • Patrons at the Miner's Daughter


Brawl at the Miner's Daughter


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Behind the scenes

"It Takes Only One", like Sakaros's other fan works "Freedom" and The Fall of Keltrayu, was originally written to flesh out a story which had only been mentioned in passing in RP. Sakaros found the subject intriguing because, unlike most RP set in the Golden Empire, none of the primary characters are Force-sensitives.

"It Takes Only One" is by far Sakaros's fastest writing of a work; the entire story was written from August 30, 2013 to September 1, 2013. Sakaros himself considers it a short story, but at 7,544 words, it just barely passes the limit for that designation.

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