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The Island Wars were a series of brief and bloody conflicts fought amongst the islands of Lehon between local warlords and several dozen unified islands. The unified islands began the campaign in early 49,000 BBY and they eventually conquered the entire planet by the end of the year. The war began when several feuding warlords started to launch guerrilla attacks on each other. Several islands controlled by elder populations held a council and 27 separate islands became one unified nation under the council of elders. In several weeks, two dozen more islands joined and the council elected to stay out of the warlord skirmishes. This decision changed, however, when the most influential warlord on the planet was assassinated. The second most powerful tribe pointed the blame towards the elders and soon the warlords decided to attack the growing power. In a brief span of four months, the elders had captured most of the warring tribes. Soon, the rest of the enemy forces surrendered and submitted to the will of the elders. The Infinite Empire was the most major result of the Island Wars.

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