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Iscali was the native tongue of the Iscali, the sentient inhabitants of Iscandar. A spacefaring race, the Iscali eventually colonized Tershin and established contact with the Vuuls of Yin and the Sev'layas on Keliso. Due to this contact, Iscali became a trade language between the Iscali and their offworld partners (and, to a lesser extent, also between the Vuuls and the Sev'layas).

After the Great Liberation, Orhyo became the official language of the entire Golden Empire, and Iscali diminished in importance, although most Iscali who lived on Iscandar or Tershin continued to speak it at least as a second language.

Notable non-native speakers of Iscali included Rin Sakaros and Eskol Kaartinen.

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