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Isabet Reau was a female Death Watch Mandalorian during the Clone Wars. Reau and her boyfriend, Dred Priest, were the only two Death Watch members in the Cuy'val Dar. Reau followed Pre Vizsla in conquering Sundari, and when Vizsla was killed, she followed Darth Maul. She was one of the only female members of Death Watch to not follow the rebel Bo-Katan Kryze when she created her own faction of Mandalorians due to feeling betrayed by Maul. When Maul disappeared, Reau followed Lorka Gedyc, the new leader of Death Watch. After Maul's disappearance, she painted her armor yellow, with the Death Watch symbol in blue on her shoulder. After the Clone Wars, Reau was seen with Priest in Keldabe, helping the Empire establish a garrison.

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