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Irimor was the homeworld of the Nei in the Unknown Regions. It was a member world of the Tetrarchy of Mezlagob for centuries before defecting to the Golden Empire toward the end of the Great Liberation.


A terrestrial planet, Irimor featured a wide variety of climates, from frozen tundras close to its poles to sweltering jungles and deserts around the equator. Most Nei preferred to settle in temperate or warmer climates. Irimor featured nine major continents and many large islands. Wildlife was plentiful; the Nei had domesticated a few dozens species as livestock or pets.

Irimor's oceans were broad and deep. Most of the rivers threaded through the continents were narrow enough to be easily traversed by swimming, although a handful were over a kilometer wide.

Irimor had a number of mineral deposits which yielded gems in a number of colors. As such, it was a major supplier of lightsaber crystals to the Order of Keltrayu.

Irimor was one end of the Liberators' Run, a hyperlane stretching to Deshad and connected to Mezlagob.

Society and culture

The Nei were an athletic society of carnivores who placed a great deal of value on physical fitness. Nei cities were usually built to require some athleticism to travel; many buildings did not have full staircases, but simply landings to allow Nei to jump floor-to-floor. Offworld visitors often found this disconcerting, and some buildings at major spaceports were designed to accommodate aliens.

Nei businesses of all kinds usually closed for over a standard hour every day for a combination lunch and physical fitness hour. Many large corporations had gyms for their personnel; smaller ones sometimes contracted with local fitness clubs. Running and other athletic tracks were common in all but the smallest towns, and many subnational entities hosted competitions monthly or even weekly.


Irimor was heavily forested before the Nei achieved sentience. The Nei themselves evolved as predators in jungles and forests, and the first Nei cities were built amidst the trees of Irimor. As their societies expanded, they began to cut down forests to make buildings or open the space for larger settlements.

Nei expansion and wars initially took place only when a direct land route existed; though capable of swimming, the Nei disliked water and were fearful of long ocean voyages. As a result, nearly half the planet remained unexplored until millennia into the history of the species.

The Tetrarchy of Mezlagob, based nearby in the Mezlag sector, discovered Irimor around 450 BBY. The planet was accepted into the Tetrarchy's ranks as a full member world, and many Nei fought for the Tetrarchy military.

Irimor remained loyal to the Tetrarchy during the early stages of the Great Liberation, but as the tide began to turn in favor of the Golden Empire, unrest grew among the population. After the Capture of the Vall`to sector was completed, a riot erupted which drained the local Tetrarchy garrison. Seeing the inevitability of the the Empire's victory and unable to receive resources from beleaguered Mezlagob, Irimor defected to the Empire in 102 ABY.

At some point, a Royal Starfighter Corps basic training camp was established on Irimor.

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