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Ireana Kensik was a member of the Sith Armada.


Discovery and training

Ireana Kensik was the sole survivor of a ship that crash landed on Anaxis. Darth Scandurous came upon the wrecked ship and dragged Ireana to safety. When Scandurous asked her who she was, she could not remember. The Kel Dor Sith Lord told her that she was wearing a bracelet with a name engraved in it and so Ireana decided to go by the name on the bracelet. Darth Scandurous brought Ireana before his master, Darth Luvidicous. Darth Luvidicous revealed that he could sense the Force inside the woman. Ireana begged Darth Luvidicous to train her in the ways of the Force, however her pleas fell on deaf ears. Scandurous, though, disobeyed his master and trained her. Darth Luvidicous soon found out and was amused; this was the first time that Darth Scandurous had ever disobeyed him. Darth Luvidicous summoned Darth Scandurous and Ireana. He then told them that Ireana could stay as long as she pledged her loyalty to the Sith Armada, which Ireana was glad to do so.


Soon after the first Battle Gear was created, Ireana stole its design template and brought it into the hands of the Sith Armada. As a result, the Sith made their own Battle Gear to use in the war. Ireana would soon find herself piloting her own custom Gear. During the war, Ireana and Adazam crossed paths many times and the battles always ended in a stalemate. It was inevitable that the two would see each other as rivals. Ireana and Adazam eventually fought each other in their own Battle Gears, and Ireana managed to defeat and capture Adazam.

Adazam and Ireana

Ireana brought Adazam before Darth Luvidicous. As soon as Darth Luvidicous saw Adazam, he walked up to him and back-handed him. Ireana was stunned and questioned Darth Luvidicous and in response, she was struck and Force Pushed into a wall. Adazam managed to recover his lightsaber and dueled Darth Luvidicous; the duel ended with Adazam's lightsaber being cut in two. Ireana did not get up off the floor until instructed to do so by Darth Luvidicous. She watched as Adazam was frozen in carbonite. Adazam reached out with the Force to comfort her and let her know that he loved her, and Ireana returned his feelings.


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