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The Invasion of Felucia was a five-year campaign undertaken by the Sith of Korriban, and later the Sith League, to conquer the world of Felucia.

As the Sith were accustomed to fighting wars on arid, barren worlds like Korriban or Ziost, they were ill-prepared to fight on a lush world like Felucia, and thus suffered serious losses. The native Felucians had the homeworld advantage, and employed a successful mix of guerrilla tactics and asset denial, both of which extended the war into a five year affair and derailed the Sith war machine.

The Sith also suffered casualties at the hands of the hostile wildlife, losing soldiers to everything from rancor beasts to sarlaccs.

With the start of the War for Ossus in 8 AFRE, the Felucian Sith war machine crumbled even further, as more troops were redeployed in a vain attempt to face the Jedi on that world.

The Invasion came to a rather abrupt end with the orbital bombardment of Felucia's jungles by the Dwomutsiqsa-class carriers Qonwûl and Midwan, suspended in orbit. With the Felucian Resistance in tatters, the balance of the war quickly shifted to favor the Sith, and the world was officially annexed a year later. The native Felucian population was enslaved by the Sith, and sent to work on the Korriban Gates.


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