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The Infinite Empire was the first known galactic government, founded by the Rakata in 49,000 BBY. Through several major wars, the first recorded wars on galactic scale, the Rakata eventually fell in 25,200 BBY. Attributed with inventing the hyperdrive and other technologically advanced machines, the Rakata had great knowledge in the fields of science and war. Combining the Force and this knowledge, the Infinite Empire rose to contain over 500 different subject worlds.


The Rakata rose to new heights when, in approximately 49,000 BBY, they successfully combined the power of the Force with advanced technology creating wondrous effects that seemed to border on the mystical. Due to this achievement they used their technology to explore space, however when they found civilizations less advanced than themselves, they conquered and enslaved them rather than be beneficial and help them advance. The Infinite Empire, dominated known space for thousands of years and enslaved numerous developing species including the Duros, Selkath, and Humans.

The Rakatan civilization expanded over a period of twenty thousand years and at its height, it consisted of more than 500 subject worlds with a population of ten billion Rakata and one trillion slaves.


The start of the Infinite Empire, like all empires, was at a much smaller scale than what they would become. As feuding warlords controlling islands on the planet of Lehon started to turn to war, 27 separate island nations came together and declared a Council of Elders their new leaders. As this elder nation grew, the warlords became worried they too would join in on the war. However, the unified islands stayed out of the conflict. Eventually, the most powerful warlord was assassinated and several warring tribes shifted the blame to the elders. A Council of Warlords met and they all agreed to put their differences aside and attack the more powerful elders. Known as the Island Wars, the elders captured most of the planet when the remaining warlords surrendered. They signed a treaty giving the elders full power over Lehon and all of the leaders were gathered and executed to prevent further outbreaks. The Infinite Empire had been established on Lehon.

As the economy grew better and better on Lehon, the Infinite Empire had vaster armies, the population had swelled, and it was a utopia at last. However, science had a break through that would change the fate of the galaxy. More than a millennium ahead of its time, scientists had discovered hyperspace travel and created the hyperdrive. The first Rakata to use it traveled further into their system and discovered more planets. Survey teams were sent and when larger vessels were created, entire armies landed upon the new subject worlds. The population of just several million jumped all the way to 1.3 billion. The Infinite Empire soon spread throughout its entire sector in just under a hundred years.


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