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The Infector was an Imperial factory ship of the same design as the Arc Hammer, used by the Dark Order of Korr during Operation Dark Disease. Like the Arc Hammer, its primary function was the construction, transportation, and deployment of dark troopers.


For the most part, the Infector was identical to its predecessor, with a long, narrow, dagger-shaped hull and four large column-shaped production facilities surrounding a central unit that protruded from below. A small, flat bridge structure was placed in front of the columns on its dorsal side. Its armament, unchanged from its precursor, consisted of 250 heavy turbolaser turrets distributed across the main structure, the underside of which held several hangars and loading racks. An additional 250 turbolasers were placed on the back section of the starship's hull along with 250 ion cannon turrets attached directly onto the production facilities as a last line of defense against faster enemy vessels. The armament was completed by a series of concussion missile tubes located at the vessel's front and the command deck.

Although the Infector's array of turbolasers coupled with powerful deflector shields gave it the ability to engage several Defender-class Star Destroyers if needed, the lack of standard laser cannons made it difficult for the ship to defend itself from fighters and maneuverable bombers. While the concussion missile launchers and ion cannon turrets were capable of tracking starfighters, they proved to be an inadequate defensive measure; for protection against fighters and bombers, the Infector relied on a full wing of V38 Assault Fighters carried aboard the ship.

The design of the Infector was slightly modified from the Arc Hammer, with multiple hangar bays added. The primary use of these hangars was to receive shipments of resources and to hold the vessel's fighter complement. The dark trooper hyperspace pods were also launched from these hangars. Although it was capable of defending itself from other capital ships, the Infector's primary function was the rapid deployment of dark troopers onto a targeted planet's surface. As such, it was always escorted by an allied fleet and would not engage enemy vessels directly unless there were no other options.

The production facilities were tasked with the construction of the dark troopers. Although it was capable of providing its own complement of the battle droids, the operations planned for the Infector to carry out required it to attack planets faster than it could replenish its complement on its own. Therefore, it had to return to the Dark trooper factories on Bakura, which were built to produce the droids to supplant the Infector's own reserves.


As the Dark Order War went on, Jaden Korr saw subordinates' support in him begin to slip away as their accomplishments began to overshadow his own. Hoping to win back support by executing an exceptional victory against the New Republic, Jaden ordered the construction of the Infector over Bakura as the center of a terror campaign, code-named Operation Dark Disease.

The Infector's role in the operation was to travel to Republic worlds, while escorted by an Imperial fleet. It would then deploy its dark trooper complement on the planet's cities and then quickly leave the area. The dark troopers would then ravage the surrounding area, killing anything they encountered. The advanced weaponry and armor which the battle droids possessed would allow them to shatter most resistance, resulting in a high civilian death toll, which would kill Republic morale, and spread fear throughout its member worlds.

Two attacks were carried out by the Infector, one on Coruscant and another on Taris. The Infector proved to be extremely effective. With the vessel's escorting fleet occupying any hostile craft in the vicinity, it could deploy its dark troopers on the target planet in short order. As Jaden predicted, Operation Dark Disease did cause a widespread panic throughout the New Republic, winning back the support of the other members of his organization. Despite the initial success of the project, however, Korr would lose the support which he had gained. Shortly after the attack on Taris, the Republic managed to track the Infector to an asteroid field near Byss, where they ambushed the vessel, destroying it and its entire escorting fleet. With the lead vessel on which the campaign depended gone, Operation Dark Disease ended.

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