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First Duel in the Chancellor's Office[1]

Incident on Adirof's moon
Adirof droids

Clone Wars[2]


Separatists attempt to prevent the escape of Republic forces and prisoners from the moon[2]


21 BBY[1]


Adirof's moon[2]


Republic forces escape the moon; Bodotor Thuvat and Dem Nozah remain to make deal with Count Dooku[2]


Confederacy of Independent Systems[2]


Asajj Ventress[2]




The Incident on Adirof's moon was an event orchestrated in part by Darth Sidious, the Dark Lord of the Sith, that occurred during the Clone Wars. A shuttle piloted by Captain Raymus Drewton and clone trooper pilot Reeves was secretly sent to Adirof, with Dular, a Jedi; three clone troopers including recruited soldiers Commander Kyle Krenis and Lieutenant Tarisian Drewton; Daklif Ordo, a Mandalorian; and two prisoners, Bodotor Thuvat and Dem Nozah, on board. Before it could arrive on Adirof, however, the shuttle was shot down by a Separatist battleship and crash-landed on the planet's moon. All on board except Reeves survived. As the survivors searched for a transport off the seemingly-uninhabited moon, tension rose from previous situations and suspicions had grown from the crash, resulting in the survivors fighting against each other. The fight was quickly interrupted when Separatist droids emerged from the nearby ocean's water.

After escaping the droids, the shuttle-crash survivors determined that, because of the Separatist's occupation of the moon, there would be Separatist starships on the moon which they could use. Soon after, Dular was confronted by Separatist Commander Asajj Ventress and dueled her. Upon locating a Sheathipede-class transport shuttle, Commander Krenis, Captain Drewton, Lieutenant Drewton, Daklif Ordo, and a clone trooper hijacked it and rescued Dular from the duel. Unknown to them at the time, prisoners Bodotor Thuvat and Dem Nozah had remained on the moon in order to make a deal with Separatist leader Count Dooku. Though the incident did not go exactly according to Darth Sidious's plan, he was confident that enough had been achieved.


Adirof crash

The shuttle crashing on Adirof's moon.

And we have our terrorist friends planning to kill Raymus Drewton. Such a disobeying of orders must not be allowed to happen again. And, hopefully, Kyle Krenis will kill Thuvat. With his brother's death, Tarisian will fall further down the path of revenge.
—Darth Sidious[src]

Not long prior, the Jedi Knight Dular had been convinced that former Nockudumey Terrorists leader Bodotor Thuvat was only trying to bring the Nockudumey back to their original purpose—which, supposedly, was not one of terrorism—and had attempted to free him.[3] He was accused of being a terrorist, but soon after, following a duel in Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's office, he was successful in clearing his name. Palpatine had not, however, declared Bodotor Thuvat innocent as well. The Chancellor predicted that, despite whatever Thuvat's intentions were, his dealings with the Black Sun, a criminal organization, and Confederacy of Independent Systems, Separatists from the Republic, would cause trouble for his trial.[2]

Palpatine secretly entered a Republic prison that was holding Thuvat and an Arcona Nockudumey with similar intentions, Dem Nozah. There, the Chancellor offered a deal: that Thuvat could either stay in prison for the rest of his life, or he could be sent to Adirof, where he would kill Captain Raymus Drewton, freeing himself. The former Nockudumey leader agreed to do what was requested of him.[1] In compliance, Thuvat declared that he knew the locations of several Nockudumey bases could be found on the planet Adirof. His trial was postponed, and he was secretly sent along with Dem Nozah and Mandalorian Daklif Ordo to find the information, accompanied by Captain Raymus Drewton, Commanders Dular and Kyle Krenis, and Lieutenant Tarisian Drewton for security and protection.[2]

As the group traveled to Adirof, a clone pilot nicknamed "Reeves" picked up a comlink signal from the engine room. He informed Captain Drewton of such, which was against the latter's orders that there were to be no comlinks used during the flight. Reeves was still confident, however, that they would already know of the Separatist's presence in the sector and assured Drewton that Commander Krenis would be unwilling to let the prisoners even move. In reality, the activation of the comlink was unknown to Krenis and the other troopers on board; the action had been done by Daklif Ordo.[2]

The incidentEdit

Wheel of fortune

The shuttle-crash survivors fight among themselves.

I will deal with any survivors myself.
Asajj Ventress[src]

As the shuttle neared Adirof's moon, they encountered a Separatist Lucrehulk-class battleship, which attacked the shuttle and sent it crash-landing towards the moon's surface. Although Reeves was killed by an explosion before the shuttle hit the ground, the others survived, with no fatal injuries. Unbeknownst to them, there was already a Separatist droid base on the moon, and dark side disciple Asajj Ventress had arrived in search of the survivors three standard hours after the crash.[2]

Soon after, when the surviving passengers of the shuttle had made their way through the forest and to a large ocean, Kyle Krenis accused Bodotor Thuvat of planning the crash. The latter asked what he possibly could have done, as he had been under Krenis's supervision during the entire flight. Frustrated and not believing him, the recruited commander pointed a knife towards the former Nockudumey leader's throat. When Jedi Knight Dular assured them that they could find a peaceful way to resolve the situation, he was knocked out from behind by Daklif Ordo. After a short silence, Dem Nozah, who had worked with Thuvat for years, lunged at Krenis with a dagger of his own, acting to defend Bodotor. Unexpectedly to him, however, his attack was blocked by Lieutenant Drewton. When Krenis, letting Thuvat drop to the ground and instead pointing his knife at Nozah, told him to choose between either defending a terrorist or ending the "threat to the Republic" himself, he simply yelled and pointed his dagger at both beings. Seemingly intending to fulfill his agreement with Nockudumey leader Mecupa which involved killing Thuvat in exchange for evidence which would allow Dular's name to be cleared, Ordo attacked him.[2]

Before any were wounded, two B2 super battle droids and an octuptarra combat tri-droid emerged from the ocean's water, and the survivors retreated. Although tension remained among the group, they agreed that they needed to find a way off the moon, feeling that such was more urgent with the Separatists' presence.[2]

Shuttle escape beach

The Republic forces escape the moon.

Intending to escape what he thought was madness, Dular left the group, only to be confronted by Asajj Ventress. Not wishing to engage in a duel, he retreated back to the group; however, he had actually led Ventress to them. The Jedi ordered them to leave, and claimed that if they tried to assist him against Ventress, they would all die. With that, a duel between the two Force-users began. As they dueled, Dular told the Dark Jedi that she could still return to the Jedi, and that the Council would be merciful. Ventress proposed a counter-offer: listening to her Master, Dooku, and finding "the truth". In addition, she claimed that she sensed that Dular would not always be the Jedi's "servant".[2]

Meanwhile, the other survivors found a Sheathipede-class transport shuttle, which was guarded by only a few B1 battle droids. After eliminating the droids, the survivors hijacked the shuttle and rescued Dular from the duel with Ventress before flying away from the moon. Unknown to them, Bodotor Thuvat and Dem Nozah had remained, apparently wishing to make a deal with Confederate leader Count Dooku.[2]


And even if events did not occur according to plan…enough will have been achieved, I am sure.
—Darth Sidious[src]

After the incident ended, Dooku communicated via hologram with his master Darth Sidious, who, unknown to the public, was actually Chancellor Palpatine. While they talked, Ventress interrupted in order to report on the incident. Though Dooku reprimanded her for the interruption, Sidious wished to hear of what she intended to say. Ventress then informed them that the survivors of the shuttle crash had escaped, and that the Republic would know of their presence on the moon. Sidious did not appear to care that the Republic would have such knowledge, instead only saying that he had anticipated the shuttle crash. Additionally, he was convinced that even if everything had not gone exactly according to plan, "enough" had been achieved. Before Ventress cut her transmission, she finally informed Dooku that Bodotor Thuvat wished to make a deal with him.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Deadmanschest wheeloffortune

The scene from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest which the incident was inspired by.

The Incident on Adirof's moon had been planned over two years before it had appeared in Star Wars The Drewton Legacy Chapter 22: Opposing Motivations. It was inspired by a swordfight in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, in which the main characters turned on and fought against each other. Originally, a character from Star Wars: Chronicles of a Rebellion, another photonovel, named Tumsun was to be included in the incident, but he was eventually cut completely from The Drewton Legacy. The swordfight which occurred among the shuttle-crash survivors was intended to show the tension that had been building in Star Wars The Drewton Legacy: Turnabout, a story arc spanning four chapters.

The scenes on Adirof's moon were shot at a cottage on August 6 and August 21 of 2008. The chapter that the images from the shooting were used in was not released until January 16, 2009, five months later. One hundred eleven photos were taken for the chapter at the cottage.

After reading Chapter 22: Opposing Motivations, Victor Dorantes, author of the novel Acceptance, said that the part in which "everyone busts out a sword" was "hilarious".[4]


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