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Joining this War... is the greatest mistake we made. Meeting aggression with aggression is not the Jedi way. Yet, we were so afraid of the Sith. We gave into fear. I know that victory against Tomus will come at a cost... the sacrifice of what it means to be a Jedi.
—Jedi Master Dorum, reflecting on the state of the war and its affect on the Jedi Order.

The Imperial War, occasionally called the Second Great War or the New Sith–Republic War, was a war between Darth Tomus' Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic between 2,969 BBY and 2,955 BBY, lasting 14 years.



The Sith have lost all their wars with the Republic and the Jedi. All of the time it is our culture, our way of life that destroy's us in the end. We must put all of that aside once and for all. We must unite as none of the Sith Empire's have done in the past. We must strive for victory against one enemy.
Darth Wraith, to the Circle of Lords

Early preparations for warEdit

Emperor Tomus had prepared for war as early as 2,979 BBY, back when he still wandered Republic space. Tomus made an ally in Mandalorian bounty hunter Trask Vexx, during their time together Tomus convinced him to become Mandalore and gather the Mandalorian clans together to prepare for war against both the Jedi and the Republic. Trask became Mandalore the Warmaster and began a massive military build up until the summons from Tomus calling the Mandalorians to war. Using his contacts, Tomus bought many scientists to research and create cloning technologies and techniques that would allow him to create an army in a short period of time, the research went on for several years before baring any fruit.

The Sith Empire under the command of Darth Wraith on Kest began the rebuilding of the entire Imperial Military as early as 3,635 BBY. After three decades, the military was large enough to use in war. Wraith used his Sith Navy to invade near-by systems to add to his Empire.

After taking control over the remains of the Sith Empire, Tomus used the knowledge he had gathered about the Rakata on his three year sojourn to find the Infinite Engine and the legendary Foundry lost during the Second Great Galactic War. Using the Foundry's droids, he ordered the construction of the Forge; a Star Forge-like space station. The Forge would provide ships for the Imperial Navy and materials—--such as weapons and amours for the troops.