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The Imperial Unification War was a galaxy-spanning conflict that arose after Natasi Daala's assassination attempt on the Imperial warlords of the Deep Core. It was often called the Remnant War, and the Unity War, depicting on yet another war between warlords.


Daala's assassination attemptEdit

The war had arose following Supreme Admiral of the Imperial Fleet Natasi Daala's assassination of Imperial warlords General Sander Delvardus, Lord High Admiral Blitzer Harrsk, and, what apparently was a decoy, High Admiral Treuten Teradoc, and Admiral Malfkla Yzu. Admiral Vector Hex had been previewing the events that happened on Tsoss Beacon, and immediately set off a retreat signal to the vessels of the former warlords. Fanatically loyal to Teradoc, he immediately reported back about the assassination. Teradoc, which was glad he hadn't came, had no time to celebrate, for he had to prepare for a war with a far larger enemy. Many vessels had joined with Teradoc's forces following their loss of a leader, however, a large number had retreated to the former holdings of their leaders. A small portion however, joined Daala.

Word spread throughout the United Imperial Warlords, concerning Daala's assassination attempt on Teradoc and the warlords. The Aradan Union, the Septentrional Imperium and the Fallen Imperium had started to prepare for a war against Natasi Daala. Vector and Treuten moved to re-take the former territory of the Greater Maldrood, including Centares. Treuten also achieved a string of victories in the Deep Core as part of his preparations for his war against Daala.

Daala, not realizing that Treuten had survived, had allied herself with Ivan Cronus, which gave her control of Sander Delvardus' secret project, the Executor-class Super Star Destroyer, the Night Hammer, a vessel with a black paint for stealth purposes. Daala noticed the string of victories near the Greater Maldrood, and sent a spy into the territory. The spy had eventually reported back, stating that Treuten Teradoc had survived. Daala, furious, immediately prepared for war with her newly-formed Imperial Remnant.

Blitzer Harrsk, which had, unintentionally of Daala, survived her assassination attempt, fleed Tsoss Beacon in a TIE Shuttle. His Multiple personality disorder started to play up, with him thinking he was Bolla Thoath. He incidentally piloted his shuttle in the direction of an asteroid, only near the very end he had realized that Thoath had been dead for a long while, as he just barely avoided the asteroid, and made his way to the remainder of his territory on the Deep Core.


Border conflictsEdit

The Greater Maldrood engaged in many border conflicts with the Imperial Remnant in the Deep Core, fighting for important planets like Kuat, Byss and Coruscant. As well with the Aradan Union slowly making their way to the Core Worlds through former Imperial territory.

The Septentrional Imperium, the empire formed by Supreme Admiral Vector Hex in the north of the galaxy, was also making way to construct a border, ranging from the edge of the Greater Maldrood in the Deep Core, to the territory of the Aradan Union. The Fallen Imperium, which had allied themselves with the Greater Maldrood, was preparing to border the New Republic, for it was very likely that a conflict would erupt, which erupted.

Core WarEdit

The Greater Maldrood and the Imperial Remnant competed for control of the Deep Core, for both were located in the Deep Core. Due to this, Supreme Admiral of the Imperial Fleet Natasi Daala and Treuten Teradoc were locked in an almost constant war, parts of these were the battle of Ebaq and the battle of Eclipse.

Daala and Teradoc, struggling to get ahead of eachother, signed a temporary cease-fire, to erase the New Republic from the Deep Core, so that their war would go unchallenged. Following, the first battle of Coruscant erupted, between the New Republic and the temporarily allied Teradoc and Daala. Teradoc and Daala eventually overrun the New Republic and forced them to retreat from the planet, back to a planet nearby, renaming the planet back to Coruscant, instead of New Republic City.

Following this, a battle between Teradoc and Daala erupted again, for neither had negotiated how Coruscant would be shared. Teradoc would eventually be overwhelmed by the Imperial Remnant's forces, Daala had officially claimed Coruscant for her own in her empire. Treuten had retreated to Hakassi, his holding.

Establishing the CoreEdit

Supreme Admiral of the Imperial Fleet Daala had planned a trap for High Admiral of the Mid Rim Treuten Teradoc back on Hakassi, she had sent Admiral Ivan Cronus to attack Hakassi. Treuten returned to Hakassi, only to become under fire of Ivan Cronus' force. Teradoc, whom's forces were all but destroyed, retreated into the Mid Rim, where Teradoc re-established Centares as capital again.

Supreme Admiral Norven Loyaler finally started making progress into the Core Worlds, attacking Borleias and Donov in the progress. Norven eventually made way into the Core Worlds, launching an assault on Brentaal IV and Reecee. Norven, which had made way deep into the Core, prepared to engage Daala full-scale, while waiting for fellow admirals Vector Hex and Treuten Teradoc to establish themselves in the core.

Blitzer Harrsk, which had as well survived the attempt on his life, had in the meantime re-established forces over his new capital, Foron, launched an assault on Daala as well, attacking the core world Abregado-rae, one of his former worlds. He had established himself over the worlds near Foron, like Cerea and Riflor.