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Imperial Senate

Interior of the Imperial Senate on Dol Glorath

This will give the Imperial Senate much to discuss about
—Polo Hudorra

The Imperial Senate was the legislative branch of the Sith Empire on the capital of the Sith Empire, Dol Glorath and more specifically Dol Gara.

It was also used by the Dark Galactic Empire.


The Imperial Senate was formed on 68 ABY with the first few planets reprasentated in the Senate being newly taken planets from the former Imperial Remnant from the mission to Bastion conducted by Darth Matas and Darth Tarna. Soon as more planets continued to be taken by the Sith Empire, more senators representing their planets would join the senate. Although they were part of an Empire, the Senate had a major part in daily activities in the Empire. Unlike their predecesors, the Imperial Senate of Palpatine's Empire, this Imperial Senate thrived in the Empire. The Senate would manage all the planets and advise the Emperor about economic, social, and military issues occuring in the Empire. During the Chiss War, the Imperial Senate would advise the Emperor much on war issues and suggestions for actions to take. The Senate building was almost completly destroyed in the Jeeno attack of Dol Glorath.

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