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Knights, we face a colossal task! The Sith have returned, and we must ensure it is a short return! We will fight to the last man! We will perceiver! Do not fret, for you are family! Hold to each other, and we shall win!Iona Peller[src]

The Imperial Knights-in-exile, sometimes referred to as the Imperial Knight(s) Remnants or simply Imperial Knights were the surviving members of the Imperial Knights that served the Elyurius dynasty, which had nearly been eradicated during the Sith takeover of the Elyurius Empire. Unlike when the Imperial Knights went into exile after Darth Krayt's ascension, the Imperial Knights lacked an imperial heir to lead them. Thus, the Knight-Commander served as the de facto leader of the Imperial Knights.

Knight-Commander Iona Peller, with the help of Ras Algethi and Commodore Barrel, was the first leader of the Imperial Knights-in-exile, who amassed them in hiding at Sith's Folly; she would soon be assisted by Bellatrix La Rouge, the new Seneschal. Peller served as the leader she and Algethi perished on Lehon.

When Peller died, Bellatrix La Rouge took helm, with Zsaekriel Dtoahfre'Vuun and Ayumi Pallopides at her side. She militarized the Imperial Knights-in-exile, creating a fleet and recruiting new members, such as Ileana Almara and Aÿisha Remy. However, Remy would betray the Imperial Knights-in-exile, surrendering the locations of Sith's Folly and the Pallopides Estate. Both bases were destroyed during Operation Queen's Heart along with Rouge perishing after Remy planted a bomb at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

Rouge's death led to the Imperial Knights-in-exile to split. Some Imperial Knights including Zsaekriel Dtoahfre'Vuun joined the New Jedi Order. Others followed the new Knight-Commander, Ayumi Pallopides. Pallopides would take Peller's approach to the extreme, going into hiding. She established three main bases of operation: HOMEFRONT, Excalibur, and the Cyrillian hideout. However, through the treachery of Lamia Kressh and investigations of Geist Weiss, all three hideouts were located and each were hunted down and destroyed during Operation Twilight. Pallopides herself perished when she had HOMEFRONT self-destruct. Though all of the Imperial Knights at Excalibur and Cyrillia died, half of the Imperial Knights were taken prisoner by the New Sith Imperium and Chiss Ascendancy during the conquest for HOMEFRONT.

Months later, after the Rebellion on Nal Hutta, Balthazar Gallo reorganized the scattered remnants of the Imperial Knights. However, he did not stay long before handing the mantle of Knight-Commander over to Athos, unbeknownst to either men an Elyurian heir.

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