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The Imperial Special Clandestine Activities Regiment (SCAR) was a strategic division of Imperial Intelligence responsible for prosecuting special activities and covert action on the behalf of the Galactic Empire. Instigated in the Legacy Era by the direct order of Director of Imperial Intelligence Nyna Calixte, the Special Clandestine Activities Regiment was a paramilitary division which recruited from the most elite operators of the Galactic Empire Special Operations Command, including veterans of the Army Tactical Applications Division and Naval Special Warfare.

The Clandestine Activities Regiment's operators were responsible for covert action which was not permissible for Imperial law: as such, its operators and its special operations were always maintained under a clause of plausible deniability. Its members would be galactically renowned for acting as a "cosmological constant", continually subtly molding the evolution of galactic affairs: its members, through sinister methods such as assassination, bribery, extortion, kidnapping, and interrogation, would target goverment officials, corporate executives, and military officials—bending them to their will and enforcing a pro-Imperial political, economic, and military climate.

After the overthrow of Roan Fel as Galactic Emperor and the installment of Darth Krayt as Galactic Emperor, the Clandestine Activities Regiment would become a vital asset to the Galactic Emperor and his Sith Order, infiltrating both the Galactic Alliance Remnant and Fel's Empire-in-Exile, allowing the Galactic Empire to deal damaging blows to both rebel movements, keeping them demoralized, damaged, and on the run while assassinating some of their core leaders.

Eventually, a Clandestine Activities Regiment case officer would successfully learn of Marasiah Fel's location on Serocco in 137 ABY, allowing Darth Krayt to dispatch Darth Talon to the planet in an attempt to kidnap the Imperial princess.

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