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There's a reason no one ever sees Force-sensitives in the Imperium.
Xaga Terron

The Imperial Bureau of Force Investigations, colloquially known as Insight both from within and without the Third Imperium, was a governmentally-funded organization that functioned as an intelligence network, an empirical research institution and a training and conditioning program. Following the dissolution of the Imperial Knights with the fall of the Fel dynasty, the Third Imperium reconstituted a new Force-centered organization that was rooted in secular intellectualism as opposed to spiritual creeds or religious dogma.

In purpose, Insight functioned to detect, seize and train Force-sensitive citizens into operatives for the Imperium, known as Phantoms. Unlike their Jedi counterparts of the Galactic Federation, the Phantoms functioned more as elite intelligence operatives and agents for black operations, as opposed to peacekeepers or emergency war leaders.

In addition to the creation of Phantoms, Insight was also responsible for unveiling the mysteries of the Force, typically from a purely scientific perspective, and thus carried out numerous Force-based studies and experiments, sometimes even barbarous in nature. Subjects that were considered unfit for reconditioning as Phantoms were often re-purposed as test subjects.

By the time of the Extant War, Insight was known to have discovered two realspace-native Voidborn, Sylar and Kyara Anturus, who until then were believed to have been Force-sensitive twins with a phenomenal relationship with the Force. Although were ordered by the Imperium to keep their existence secret, the Anturus twins were eventually discovered in the Sky Vault by both the Charon Dominion and the Animites.

Although considered a Force organization, most members of Insight were not Force-sensitive. During a conversation between Chelle Ora and Token Vedec, it was revealed that less than 35% of Insight were Force-wielders. Outposts and holds of Insight were referred to "vaults", the most well-known being Vault-2304, otherwise known as the Sky Vault.

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