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Venedar Rebellion

Imperial Blitzkrieg
Two Dreadnoughts

10 ABY


11 ABY


Northern Outer Rim Territories


Decisive Imperial victory

  • Reconquest of 150 sectors
  • Death of Pentasian

Imperial Federation


The Imperial Blitzkrieg was a major offensive by the Imperial Federation against the breakaway empire of Warlord Marcus Pentasian and its allies. A series of rapid strikes by the Imperial Navy, under the direction of the Prince-Regent, Marshal Lucius Zantaraia, led to the destruction of most of Warlord Pentasian's fleet and the reconquest of approximately 150 sectors in the galaxy's northern quadrant. The Blitzkrieg not only put an end to Pentasian but also to several other warlord states in the Outer Rim. The success was greeted with shock by the New Republic and the galactic citizenry, as the Imperial Fleet was numerically inferior to the combined warlord forces. The Federation's intent to annex the large swath of former warlord territory led to a crisis as the New Republic intervened to defend the Galactic Concordance terms.
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