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Ilia Arzha was a Force-sensitive human female and member of the Imperial Inquisition during the reign of the Galactic Empire, known as the Twelfth Sister. A descendant of the legendary Jedi Knight and Sith Lord Revan, she commanded a considerable amount of power in the Force.


Early Life

Ilia was born on Coruscaunt 25 years before the Battle of Yavin. She was quickly discovered to be extremely Force sensitive, and was taken to the Jedi Temple to be trained in the Jedi ways. During her short time at under the Jedi's tutelage, she rapidly developed her skills, beyond that of normal students, advancing to astounding skill in both the Force and the use of a lightsaber. However, early on it was discovered that she began to delve into the darker aspects of the Force, which deeply troubled the Jedi Masters supervising her progress. Ilia herself would sense the change, but at the same time felt the Light Side just as strongly within herself. In her search for answers, she managed to sneak her way into the restricted sections of the Jedi Archives, eventually discovering records of the Jedi Knight and Sith Lord Revan, which she took particular interest in.

Even at her young age, Ilia was able to detect the growing darkness clouding the Jedi's vision, but unlike most was able to accurately identify this for the premonition that it was. Foreseeing the imminent destructive shift in the Force, she abandoned the Jedi Order in 19 BBY, at just the age of 6 years, leaving Coruscaunt entirely and seeking a place to hide away, eventually settling on the planet of Tatooine. Only two months later, Order 66 would be initiated and the Jedi Order was destroyed.

Self Exile

In self exile on Tatooine, Ilia began to train herself in the use of the Force and blade. Ilia also further contemplated on what she learned about Revan, sensing a connection between herself and the long-dead Jedi, a feeling which would only grow stronger as her skills and powers improved. In order to seek more answers personally, Ilia travelled to the planet Moraband in 10 BBY. On Moraband, Ilia found the Valley of the Dark Lords, and Revan's abandoned Sith Academy therein. In the academy, Ilia took the time to meditate within the darkness, discovering her true connection to Revan as one of his descendants. With this new knowledge, Ilia would then seek out the Empire herself, deliberately attracting the attention of the Imperial Inquisition once returning to Tatooine. The Empire sent the Grand Inquisitor in order to eliminate her, and Ilia made no attempt to hide, taking the opportunity to meet him as he was landing. During their duel Ilia surprised the Grand Inquisitor with her raw skill and power, keeping pace with him blow for blow, and even showing a higher level of aptitude in the Force. The duel would end in a stalemate, and the Grand Inquisitor would invite Ilia to join him, with the possibility of being initiated as an Inquisitor herself. Ilia accepted the offer immediately, and was taken with the Grand Inquisitor to meet Darth Vader himself.

As an Inquisitor

Ilia would be accepted as an Imperial Inquisitor after proving her innate skill and power to Darth Vader. In further training under Vader, she would develop powerful abilities in the Dark Side. However, Ilia would also develop her skills in the Light Side at the same time, able to hide this from Vader and the other Inquisitors. Unknown to the Inquisition and Vader, Ilia had ulterior motives to joining the Inquisition. Her plan was to work within the Empire itself to one day become strong enough to strike at the Emperor from within to destroy the Empire. Over the next seven years, she would continue to develop her skills in both the Dark and Light Sides of the Force, while continuing to conceal her true nature to her peers and her master.

Hunting Ren Silber

After the death of the Eleventh Brother at the hands of Ren Silber, Ilia was then assigned to hunting him down in the Eleventh Brother's place. In order to hunt down her target, she contracted the help of the Mandalorian bounty hunter Luna Kryze. With her help, Ilia tracked Ren down to the planet Raxus, where she engaged him in a lightsaber duel within the ruins of an abandoned droid factory. Ren managed to escape the factory with the help of his allies in the Sovereign Outcastand managed to escape the planet. A tracking beacon was placed on the ship by Luna beforehand, however, under Ilia's instruction.

Personality and Traits

Ilia Arzha usually possessed a calm and methodical demeanor, even in the middle of a heated duel. She was determined to enact her own justice by any means necessary, even serving an Empire she sought to destroy in order to do so. She was not arrogant in the slightest, even humble in certain situations, unlike many of her peers in the Imperial Inquisition. As a dedicated lightsaber duelist, Ilia valued skills in combat above all else, and showed a sense of chivalry in her engagements. She showed respect for enemies who could hold their own against her, and held a strict code of honor that forbade her from using foul tactics in duels, to kill in an inhumane manner, or to kill an enemy that was unarmed or surrendering.

Powers and Abilities

Force Abilities

As a descendant of the legendary Jedi Knight and Sith Lord Revan, Ilia had a powerful innate ability in the Force. Moreover, her bloodline allowed her the ability to utilize both the Light and Dark Sides of the Force without falling completely to the other. This by default gave her a supreme edge against most opponents she would face. Ilia was far above most of her peers in the Imperial Inquisition in application of the Force, with strong abilities in telekinesis and most notably Force lightning, an ability none of her fellow Inquisitors could perform.

Ilia excelled in the combative applications of the Force through telekinesis and lightning, but had also shown to be able to utlilize non-combative Force abilities, such as Force heal and mind tricks with proficiency, which demonstrated her knowledge with both the Light and Dark Sides of the Force.

Lightsaber Skills

Taught for some time by the Jedi, self-trained for years in exile, then mentored by Darth Vader, Ilia's lightsaber skills were beyond those of most of the other Inquisitors. She specialized mainly in Forms II and VII, exhibiting lethal skill as a lightsaber duelist. In combat, she would mainly employ a single blade on her lightsaber in order to fully utilize her Form II style, accentuated by dazzling flurries and elegant arcs, her movements flowing and graceful. Ilia's style focused on precision and speed, seeking to defeat an enemy swiftly and with as little collateral damage as possible. 

When utilizing Form VII, however, she displayed a much more aggressive combat style, though no less elegant in its execution. Ilia would commonly use Form II with her single blade and would switch to Form VII if pressured enough, though would always utilize Form VII exclusively when utlizing both blades of her lightsaber as well as its spinning mechanism.

All of these traits combined made Ilia a refined duelist unsurpassed by her peers, impressing even the likes of Vader himself, even if she could never best him.

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