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Iguni was a male Jedi Padawan who fought during the Clone Wars on Coruscant, and later survived Order 66. Known to be stronger in the Force than the average Jedi his age, his master, a Falleen Jedi Master named Zirun, thought Iguni would go on to become a famous Jedi Knight. He fought alongside his friend, another Padawan named Nyra, in the Battle of Coruscant. After the conflict ended, he escaped the Jedi Temple through the lower levels. As the Great Jedi Purge commenced, Iguni became enraged at his friend's death at the Temple, and turned to the dark side.


Jedi training

Master Yoda . . . if I train in the Force, will I get stronger?
—Iguni to Grand Master Yoda

Iguni was born at some point before the Clone Wars at an unknown planet. He was born with a strong connection to the Force, and was located by the Jedi Order fairly quickly. Initially, the Jedi High Council believed he was the Chosen One, though after more evaluation, they realized it was not the case. He passed his trials as an initiate, and became a Jedi Padawan under a female Falleen Jedi Master named Zirun. Around that time, he also became close friends with Nyra, another Jedi initiate and later Padawan.

As he trained, Iguni and Master Zirun toured the galaxy, studying the Force and solving disputes of all kinds. Iguni trained consistently, and impressed his master. She believed that the young Padawan would go on to become a famous Jedi Knight. They occasionally worked with Nyra and her master, as a team of four, for more risky missions. The pair were faced with more dangers as tensions flared across the galaxy during the Separatist Crisis. Soon, in 22 BBY, tensions had resulted in open warfare between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Iguni and Zirun were unexpectedly stationed at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, on guard duty.

Clone Wars

First years (22—20 BBY)

During the first few years of the conflict, Iguni remained at the Temple with his master. He was secretly thankful for it, as he was generally a gentle and nice person and did not wish to use his Force powers to kill anyone or for other destruction. Though some times, Iguni found himself missing his early days in the Order, traveling the galaxy with his master and studying the mysteries of the Force while solving the occasional dispute or other problem they ran into. He noted it got worse during the Separatist Crisis, with more dispute solving and less Force studying.

At the same time, though, he was thankful for having time to rest at the Temple instead of being at the front. During that time, he often talked to his friend Nyra, usually about politics or the war. She had worked with the Coruscant Security Force and the Coruscant Guard in investigating crime. They had grown closer, and some speculated they were romantically involved.

Final year (19 BBY)

Personality and traits

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