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"See!? He is at his knees in bitter defeat against my mildest of combats! Do you not see the error of your choice!?" - Ignan Volcovo after dueling Darth Vader to Sidious in protest of the new lord of the sith.

Ignan Volcovo, also known as The Vulkan, was a Sol'Mundian male Dark Jedi under the tutelage of Darth Plagueis, Sidious, Maul, and Tyranus until 3 years after the clone wars when he would sever ties from the Sith after being severely outraged by Darth Vader, viewing him as an inferior being.

The Dark Jedi would leave after being denied the title of Sith Lord for the last time, taking with him those dark jedi supporters and disciples of his with him to form a new dark-side order which would be called the Vulkan Templar Order.


Early Life (41 - 38BBY)

Ignan Volcovo was born on the planet Sol'Mund 19 years before The Clone Wars. The planet at the time was under the rule of an oppressive Feudal Empire that always had a very distant and begrudging relationship with the Old Republic, and in turn, the Jedi Order.

It would be under these conditions, where the rich got richer and the poor got poorer, where the population lived in slums and poor villages, where banditry would run rampant across the planet surface, where Ignan Volcovo would be born into a poor family of farmers on the frontier of civilization.

This would quickly take a turn for the worse when his village would be attacked by bandits who would put him under slavery, and would be sold to a wealthy family. It would be here where he would be raised, his body getting stronger as he worked more physically demanding tasks.

Over time he would learn about these strange abilities he has, which he would make the connection to his sharp reflexes and good timing, and would practice these abilities in secret.

He would also often be taken along for political missions, which would shape him into a dogged being.

Eventually, when he was just 3 years old, sheev palpatine would arrive on sol'mund on a political mission for military defense for naboo. But while on the mission he would discover that the slave boy was a force-sensitive that, if not powerful, is certainly gifted in the ways of the force. After the declination of military defense from the sol'mundians, palpatine was certain to not leave empty-handed, and bought the slave off of the nobles.

After buying and later freeing the slave, he would reveal himself to be Darth Sidious, Dark Lord of the Sith. He would keep Ignan in training as a dark jedi rather than a sith as he already had an apprentice in plan, Maul. Instead, he would have the child be under some early physical training with Maul and early Force training would be shared between sidious and plagueis as he would bear witness to sidious' training, making for a rounded life of training.

Life under the Sith (38 - 22BBY)

Rough Training


Maul was a brutal teacher, as he was threatened by the young ignan, believing he would get in his way of glory.

A year after claiming the young one from his homeworld, once he was deemed ready by maul then he would start training with the lightsaber, and brutally, as maul viewed him as a threat to his potential to become lord of the sith, starting with the Form V Shien variant, so as to leave him more vulnerable to lightsabers so that he could kill Volcovo "In a heartbeat." He would train him on the planet Mustafar so that every misstep would burn him severely, but very quickly, to maul's surprise, he would not only have an impressive resistance to the pain, but would only slightly get burned as he pulled his feet out of the lava just as quickly as they would go in. But the downside to such a training planet is that the damages would still burn his feet, which would eventually result in an accident where both his legs would be swallowed up by the lava. And while maul would intend to leave him there, sidious had arrived just in time to save the youngling and would have his legs replaced with cybernetics, as sidious was planning to use volcovo should maul disappoint him or get too powerful. After 5 Years of being trained in Sien then maul would train him in Form VI.

The boy would grow and train in such an environment under such a torturous trainer until the day Darth Plagueis would be killed by sidious, and name maul the new Sith Lord. Then Darth Maul would have different plans for the young one, and expanded his training to include Form I, Form III, Form IV, and the Djem-So variant, continuing with Form VI, planning to take the child as an apprentice of his own, and on a planet of high gravity to exercise his muscles a bit better. But then Maul would be defeated in the Battle of Naboo, and would be replaced by Darth Tyranus, who would train the child in Form II and would also learn Jar'kai from Sidious for this entire time.

First Mission (30BBY)

The boy would eventually be sent on his first mission by sidious, one to assassinate a political enemy. He would carry this mission out on the planet of his birth, Sol'Mund, and would have to kill the ruling noble of the family which had owned him so long ago.

He would make his first lightsaber and would get onto the planet by smuggling himself aboard trade vessels and would learn of an opera that his old owner would attend.

After seeing that the opera would occur in a month then he would take his time to practice his lightsaber abilities and exercise his body some more, until the day of the opera when he would infiltrate the theater, using force suggestion, which he had learned from sidious and plagueis, to have any guards ignore him, and would sneak up behind his owner and impale him through the heart when the music was the loudest.

He would then exfiltrate through the window, and would smuggle himself off-planet to coruscant, even carrying a news clipping about the assassination and presenting it to his dark masters.

Pleased with his results, he would receive training in Form VII from sidious, and would be rewarded with more proper resources to build a new and better lightsaber, two basic hilted swords that would attach at the pommel, acting as a double-bladed lightsaber.

He would also be allowed to train with any other dark adepts that were under the leadership of sidious and Dooku.

Discovery of the youngling (24BBY)

After a few years, on another assassination mission, to kill another political enemy of sidious, he would discover on the planet, a jedi padawan who he would sense was wrestling with attraction to the Dark Side, and so left the temple on coruscant to meditate and rid her mind of the dark thoughts, and would deem her to be a perfect way to get extra credit from his masters should he lure her fully into the dark side.

He would use his knowledge of psychology and a range of force power to seduce her deeper and deeper into the dark side by making her attracted to him, which would succeed.

Then, he would come to the target in the night time with his freshly corrupted jedi padawan, named Auria Caelo, and would sense that the politician has a jedi visiting, and would let out a small force call, alerting the jedi to his presence, and so the jedi knight would barge in, only to find two hooded and anonymous assassins having murdered the noble, and would subdue the jedi using his makashi training and putting him through too much physical pain to utilize the force.

And then, lifting the jedi knight up, he would order auria to kill the knight. After long argument, she would finally kill the jedi, sealing her fate as a Dark Jedi.

Not only would sidious be pleased with volcovo's success in killing the political enemy, but also with his seducing a jedi to the dark side, he would reward him with a Sith Sword which sidious had collected earlier in life. He would also spar with auria and learn Form I.

The Clone Wars (22 - 19BBY)

Conquest in the Stars


Clone after clone would fall to ignan's shien technique.

Ignan Volcovo would do lightsaber sparring and training with General Grievous, Asajj Ventress, Count Dooku, and Darth Sidious all through the war whenever any of them were available as well as training in the force with the same people except for grievous, and with other dark jedi.

He would make his first appearance in the galaxy as an aide for a droid regiment, killing clones and jedi alike, until he was defeated by Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, who would apprehend him and keep him in holding to await his trial. But he would escape with the help of Jedi Master Pong Krell after telling him that he had direct comunication with Count Dooku. So pong krell would help him escape and help him complete Form VI, in return that ignan would promise to talk to count dooku about him. Only to go back on that promise.

Ignan would be punished for his weakness by sidious via Force Lightning, causing his skin to scar and tattoo with permanent damage, and would then be made the bodyguard of a separatist leader.

After protecting the noble sufficiently then he was put back in his position of power and would command his own regiment of droids again, conquering planet after planet for his masters.

He would keep conquering and killing republic forces mercilessly, until two years into the clone wars then he would hear word that maul was alive.

Finally becoming once again aware of his cybernetic legs, he would want to fight maul, not only to show just how successful he had become, but also to try his abilities against the zabrak.

The Hunter becomes the Hunted (20BBY)

"Now you die as a traitour!" - Ignan at the end of his duel.

But sidious would get a hold of the dark adept and would warn against it, and would redirect his attention into a mission, to track down and kill asajj ventress. He would bring his regiment but he knew that most, if not, all of his droids would be destroyed, as ventress was one of the people who trained him with lightsabers and the force, knowing that the fate of the battle would be in his hands.

He would set up a bounty on his own head, so as to attract her, as she was a bounty hunter at the time. He would slaughter every other bounty hunter that would come to claim the bounty effortlessly, whether it be his droids killing them or him running them through or shocking them with force lightning. Eventually he would be approached by the dathomirian and would engage in a long, vicious brawl, both sides using every ability at their disposal, every force technique, every lightsaber form they knew. Eventually, however, it would be his training in Juyo that would decide the duel, and he would run her through the gut with a shout.

He would then take her blood as proof of the kill, and would return to coruscant and bring it to sidious, boasting about the duel.

Once again pleased with his success, and would reward him with command over a Platoon of Dark Adepts which he would name 'Vulkan Platoon' and training in sith alchemy, as well as increasing the size of the unit of droids under his command to a Division.

The Jedi Purge (19BBY)

When the jedi purge started then ignan was attending the Battle of Mygeeto, when he noticed that Jedi Master Ki-Adi Mundi was getting gunned down by his own men.

Curious, he would leave his lieutenant, Auria Caelo to carry on the battle as he would return to coruscant to ask sidious what was happening. Sidious would tell him that Count Dooku was dead and the scars which palpatine had suffered made it easy to execute Order 66. Then sidious decided to travel to mustafar to take care of business.

Filled with glee, the Vulkan would go through the galaxy again, killing any and all jedi he could find, claiming their heads as trophies to present to sidious, eventually, he would quickly return to coruscant to attend what he believed to be his promotion into being the new Lord of the Sith, while rounding up the Vulkan platoon to witness it.

And when he made it to witness the announcing of the new sith lord, he would hear the name "Darth Vader" and at first thought it was his own sith name, until he heard that accursed sound. That blasted noise which he would come to hate with a passion, the assisted breathing of a cyborg, who was the real Darth Vader.

His heart sank deep, his disappointment consumed him, he felt almost betrayed, for he was sidious' best assassin and general, he was trained by sidious for 19 years ever since he wasn't even a child. He grew furious, he could feel his blood boil beneath his skin like water boiling into steam, his wrath building up a fire that could consume stars.

After announcing the new sith lord, ignan would immediately challenge vader to a duel.

Vader, at the time, was unfamiliar and uncomfortable with his cybernetics and armour, was under emotional trauma over the death of his wife, and was weak in the force due to how much of his body was lost, meanwhile ignan was far more adjusted to his cybernetic legs, more comfortable in his armour, the only emotional trauma suffered was wrath which just made him stronger in the dark side, and had a stronger connection to the force, and easily defeated vader in a duel, and as sidious was spectating, he saw the darkness in volcovo blooming ever more vibrantly, as ignan shouted to him of vader's defeat, telling him he chose his new apprentice poorly, sidious would deny ignan the position of Sith Lord.

Imperial Compliance (19 - 16BBY)

Begrudgingly, the Vulkan would fight under the rule of vader, he and his Vulkan Platoon would be split, the highest ranking individuals being put into the Inquisitorius and the rest would be put into the Emperor's Hand, which would be frowned upon by ignan, and even worse, some even had to come under the command of that damned Vader, and would use the analogy of Men being tamed by Insects.

Time and time again he would try to undermine lord vader and try to prove that he was not a sith lord, and that the position of sith lord beelonged to he himself instead of some lesser machine.

He would continue to think more and more lowly of the emperor's decisions, and would begin to think that he was suppressing him and his platoon because he was afraid of them and what they could do, and so he instead made a cyborg a sith lord.

finally, after 3 years in the inquisition, with no sign of his station improving any closer to sith lord, and when he went as far as to try killing lord vader, sidious would blast him away with sith lightning, trying to see how much he could cause the hate and rage in him to grow. But this would only backfire as he would have a loyalist Vulkan Assassin make an attempt on the lives of the emperor and vader, escape the empire with those still loyal to him, Recover any and all jedi holocrons, destroy over half of the cloning stations on kamino, damage the connections of the empire and everything outside the Core Worlds, and would escape their holding area on coruscant.

Exodus from the Empire (16 - 13BBY)

Ignan, as furious as he was, was no fool, he knew that the emperor would try to have him and his platoon slaughtered for treachery, at any cost, and so would try to preddict to the best of his ability where volcovo and his fellow traitours would go to hide. But even when sidious tried using the force and shatterpoint to foresee where he would go, the vulkan, who had learned the same ability from the same teachers, and was even trained by sidious, would use the force to remain unpredictable.

And so sidious' forces would be forced to track him down the traditional way, like a hunter tracks down his prey, they would search for any clues to his whereabouts via witnesses, information brokers, the inquisitorius, and any physical evidence of their path, but ignan, too clever to do such an idiotic thing, would leave false trails, go where he would be in the most danger, even hiding in plain sight most of the time, never staying in one place for any longer than twelve hours, and rather than cleaning up their tracks, the vulkan platoon would scatter them all around the galaxy into random patterns, spreading false information, alongside true so that the empire wouldn't know who to trust, even bribing people into lying to imperial officials.

Eventually, after three years of cat and mouse tactics, mimicking the imperial's movements, setting up ambushes and traps, the empire would finally realize exactly where they had gone after ignan states his location, on Sol'Mund, the very planet he was born on, where he truly was the entire time, renovating an ancient fortress, and controlling the sol'mundian prime monarch into keeping his location secret and supplying them with the resources they would need to make the castle fit to withstand entire legions of stormtroopers, inquisitors, emperor's hands, bounty hunters, etc. until the time was right, and now sidious, knowing that stormtroopes would be all but useless against the vulkans, emperor's hands and inquisitors would be ganged up on effortlessly, and that even if he and vader were to go there then the platoon would slaughter them, and wary of destroying the fortress from orbit, wanting not only the resources and type of allies the sol'mundians had been to him, but also wanting to have the dark side grow inside of ignan even more, he would decide to leave them be, that it would be suicide and a waste of resources, time and effort to try to get to them, he would let volcovo have his victory, for now.

Sidious would have an ambassador negotiate a trade deal with the new sol'mundian leaders, and so they would coexist for a time. And so, the Vulkan Templar Order would be allowed to exist and even in some cases be called upon to fight alongside imperial forces, under the condition that any and all Force-sensitives born within the sol'mun sector would be allowed to live, as trainees to the vulkans, and any force-sensitives who would seek sanctuary in the sol'mun sector would have to join the templars, and thus would be allowed to live.

Despite being agreed upon, sidious knew what ignan was doing, and so would try to reduce any imports as low as possible without them getting suspicious, let more pirates and other criminals try to vacate to the sol'mun sector, and would set up defenses around the sector to keep as many force-sensitives out as possible, while having force-sensitives that wouldn't be noticed within the sector be killed, as an attempt to weaken them.

At the same time, ignan, from the start of the deal knew that sidious would try his best to hinder his order's growth as much as possible, and so would have his templars on every inhabited planet, on every space station, attend every nursery and patrol as much space as possible within the sector.

Sol'Mundian Politics (16 - 10BBY)

A "Tragic" Feast (15BBY)

Despite being of sol'mundian birth and providing the planet and sector with a powerful military force in the form of the Vulkan Templars, the Prime Monarch to take the position after the death of the monarch who agreed to supply his order, Dazobog Grello, didn't view ignan and his templars very positively, viewing them as outsiders and barbarians, and so would stop sending supplies to their Fortress-Monastery.

As much as this would anger the vulkan, the cunning templar leader wouldn't let this deter him, and so he would utilize his abilities with Sith Alchemy to make a poison for grello's son, Dazobog Whicol, to cause emotional stress and to weaken his mind, and after a year of it, during a feast then ignan would use force suggestion to aggravate him and silently command him. And so, whicol would get out of his seat, approach his father, pull a blaster pistol from his robe and kill grello.

As everyone in the hall went frantic, seeing the Prime Monarch be murdered by his own son, ignan would step in to pretend as though he was meaning to apprehend the intoxicated youth, but would "accidentally" bump him out of the window, in order to keep the act up, he would grab his cloak, only to "unintentionally" wind up snapping his neck as the kinetic energy would be too much for his skeletal structure.

The election of the 2nd Imperial Dynasty (15 - 11BBY)

Immediately following the murder of Dazobog Grello and the "fumbled" death of whicol, the dynasties would engage in an election for a new Prime Monarch, as the only dazobog heir was Dignu, whicol's 10 year old son. who was at the time too young to usurp the throne. So an election would begin, and two factions would ensue between the major dynasties, those who supported the Logi Dynasty for Prime status with Dazobog as secondary, and those who would side with the Hestian Dynasty for Prime status and Amater as secondary, and Ignan Volcovo would propagate for the hestians.

He would twist and turn the election in every sort of way until finally the hestian dynasty was elected. Once they were then his order would have increased resources and military backing in operations and Ignan was granted direct rulership over a province.

An unexpected guest (11 - 5BBY)

Survivor Mace Windu

Windu shows tenacity similar to that of Maul

As the first batch of new templars was being gathered, he would receive a message from one of his patrols detailing that they had a jedi master onboard, the first volcovo had heard about jedi surviving the jedi purge.

Intrigued, he would have the patrol return to Sol'Mund early. He would be in a conversation with the patrol leader afterward, and would learn that the inquisitors were particularly ferocious with the refugees and the jedi, further making the vulkan interested in meeting him.

And after delivering his speech for the first recruits into the vulkan templars, he would request that the jedi be escorted to his office.

When the jedi arrived, however, he spoke with a familiarly deep voice, eerily familiar. And when he turned to the jedi master, his eyes would widen with shock as he saw The Jedi Master Mace Windu as they both immediately recognized one another.

After a brief combat between the lightaber masters, he would make a unique request of windu, that he train volcovo in the force, lightsaber combat, including something he would only have known about through the holocrons, the Form VII variant Vaapad.

After denying him training, saying that vaapad was meant to be a practice of Form VII without falling to the dark side and that ignan had already been fully consumed by the dark side, windu would be eventually persuaded by volcovo under the condition that he let the refugees not be trained in the dark side, to which ignan would tactically agree.

And so he would learn Vaapad under mace windu for as many as 6 years, learning in the ways of the force and completing his training in lightsaber combat, until the day mace windu would escape from the fortress-monastery unnoticed, and having setback construction of a structure called The Crucible.

After raging severely from the damages windu had caused, he would eventually calm down and realize that it was merely a setback, and so would move on.

The amassing of forces (5 - 2BBY)

Before the Rebel Alliance, ignan was planning a rebellion against the empire, but unlike the later alliance, he wasn't taking any chances, and instead decided to amass as great of forces as he could, hiring as many bounty hunters and mercenaries as military, law enforcement, and a reliable militia.

The Sol'Mun Sector by 2 BBY had as many as 6,000,000,000 Bounty Hunters and 4,000,000,000 Mercenaries from all across the galaxy in preparation, but most from the sector.

The Rebel Alliance (2BBY - 4ABY)

The Battle of Yavin (0BBY - 0ABY)

But the day after the Battle of Yavin, then Ignan would make it open that the Sol'Mun Sector is a rebel system, and would provide his templars to the various rebel fronts, and thus his system would enter a large-scale war with the empire.

The Battle of Sol'Mund (0BBY)

Obviously, the declaration would anger the emperor deeply, and thus a massive battle would be waged on the planet Sol'Mund.

The Sol'Mundians would fight a violent battle, blaster fire flying across the entire battlefield, the lightsabers of inquisitors and emperor's hands would clash against those of the templars, the force would be used to devastating effect, fighters would chase each other and detonate every second in atmosphere and space, the battle would be visible from orbit as solid red glow with specks of green and blue strewn here and there, it would be an endeavor that would be sung of for ages to come, for it was like the most violent reenactment of the battles from the ancient sith wars of old, lightsaber against lightsaber, stormtroopers would fall left and right, until eventually the templars would emerge above the piles of dead imperials victorious and with bravado, a battle the likes of which hadn't been seen for over a millennium.

Revelations (2ABY)

Two years after the Battle of Sol'Mund, ignan would come into contact with The apparently force-sensitive of the rebellion, who would reveal his name to be Luke Skywalker, which would immediately strike volcovo as odd considering that name belonged to a jedi knight, Anakin Skywalker.

After inquiring about the name then he would get an answer he would think to be purely fictional, that he was the son of the jedi anakin skywalker.

He would later be told that Luke was trained by Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, which would make his eyes glow a dim red, knowing that the jedi knight that had put him in a prison cell had survived the Jedi Purge despite having been reported to be dead by the clones which had shot him down on Utupau.

This anger would only be worsened when he would hear that he was killed by Darth Vader, his name having become an insult in his mind.

Bittersweet Rejoice (5ABY)

After the death of Emperor Sheev Palpatine and Darth Vader, the vulkan would rejoice, but only with disappointment in that he didn't kill sidious or vader.

But nonetheless, he was satisfied that the coward and his cyborg were gone, and would agree to be a senator of Sol'Mund alongside Hestian Alke'Bia and Amater Hiyoshi.

Personality and Traits

As a dark assassin serving sidious then he would grow up with dreams of becoming the most powerful being in the galaxy, as a former slave, it would be the greatest thing ever, and he would go to great lengths to achieve this dream, and sidious would only want to fuel this and turn it to greed.

He would find life as a general during the clone wars to be just a step closer to his goal, and would try his best to conquer as many planets and kill as many jedi as possible, he became a jedi butcher who would come to take pleasure from the act of killing followers of the light-side, but this would be stopped in it's tracks when he is defeated by Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi in a duel and put into a prison cell, and there he would become a savage being when trapped and continually imagine ripping their throats out with his bare hands. He would also hold loyalty in very high regard.

His murderous mind would eventually calm as the clone wars came to a close in one last burst of gleeful murder. Then in the time of the empire he would adjust properly to his surroundings and his mind would draw back to a more tactical and ordered manner, he would become more intelligent, more careful, and more manipulative as he would be desensitized to death, no longer drawing the same sort of rush of pleasure or adrenaline that he used to, and so would start to handle more situations tactically. He would also become more prideful and would view himself highly due to the presence of Darth Vader, and would develop an anti-coward type mindset.

After he had been serving in the inquisitorius for three years, his pride would become so great that he would have an assassin try to kill the emperor, and would leave, believing he could make a superior order. He would also become reacquainted with his home culture, and would be heavily influenced by it very quickly, starting to hold up Sol'Mundian ideals to the best of his ability, such as Honour, Loyalty, Justice, Comradery, Glory, and Reason, being inspired by the ancient legends and stories of the Temvars, the Righteous Judgement, and he would try incorporating these legends into the education of new recruits to inspire them to meet those high moral and ethical standards, and would wind up reviving ancient Sol'Mundian religion.

During the Rebellion then he would, out of hatred towards sidious and vader, and out of a lust for glory, would declare himself an official rebel against the empire, and would gain the support of the Sol'Mundian people after the battle of Sol'Mund, viewing his actions during it to be glorious, and would eventually celebrate him as a war hero.

After the rebellion, when he would have a seat in the senate, he would take up a far more political mindset.

Powers and Abilities

Lightsaber Combat

Ignan Volcovo was a masterful lightsaber combatant, trained in almost pretty much every form. However, it seems that his strongest pursuit which he seemed to favour would be Form VI, Niman, as his powerful body made it's use very reliable, but also incorporated many techniques from Form I and III.

He was also one of the few people to learn the Form VII Vaapad Variant. However, his effots in learning this variant would prove to be moot as he would fail to come into a duel with neither sidious or vader, the people he learned it to face up against in the first place. But, he would have it taught in his order nonetheless, as it was quick to learn as he found it and was of utmost usefulness up against lightsaber wielders of the dark side.

His greatest feats in lightsaber combat includes his killing of a jedi knight in his teenage years, defeating asajj ventress in the clone wars, keeping up with general grievous in sparring, killing jedi throughout the galaxy during order 66, defeating darth vader in a duel -- albeit a weakened darth vader --, and winning in the viciously brutal combat and maelstrom of the Battle of Sol'Mund.

Although it would never happen, it's debated that he could actually be able to fight and kill darth sidious if engaged in a duel to the death. His strong, healthy body and the sheer variety in his lightsaber abilities would be a huge advantage in such a fight against sidious and any lightsaber combatant, but his lack of discipline would likely be his downfall in such a quarrel.

Force Abilities

Volcovo was extremely gifted in the force. His midi-chlorian count being approximately 12,000, he was easy to detect when palpatine found him.

Having been trained in the force by Darth Plagueis, Sidious, Maul, Tyranus, Asajj Ventress, and Mace Windu, he would end up being very formidable in the closing years of the empire, especially when one considers how he would keep training in the force even after all was well via the Holocrons and teachers from elsewhere, including Luke Skywalker in 6 ABY.

One ability he has of note is shatterpoint, which he would make use of in combat and he would utilize in his exodus from the empire.

He would use the force to devastating effect during the clone wars, using it to hop and leap across the battlefield, enhancing his already impressive physical prowess, manipulating the environment, and, after feeling the full fury of force lightning then even shocking his opponents to death.

He would come to modify the use of force lightning in tiny ways to be able to produce Fire, later employing pyrotechnics into his fight style to distract, harass, harm, or even kill his opponents brutally. He would also make a variant of force lightning more potent than the normal, at the price of being less constant and following a more linear path, which he would call Lightning Bolt. He would also further explore the possibilities with the fire abilities and develop a devastating weapons of the force in certain severities depending on what the wielder desires, where all the energy, heat and pressure of fire is and plasma is compressed into a tiny volume and thrown at a target. Once it connects with it's target then it releases all that energy and pressure all at once violently, causing a devastating explosion.

He was able to produce one of these "Fire Bombs" which could destroy a small island, which was twenty meters in diameter.

He possessed the following force abilities:

  • Art of Movement
  • Alter Damage
  • Battle Meditation
  • Crucitorn
  • Center of Being
  • Force Absorb
  • Force Body
  • Force Crush
  • Force Cloak
  • Force Jump
  • Force Scream
  • Force Sight
  • Force Speed
  • Force Lightning
  • Force Persuasion
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Shatterpoint
  • Sith Alchemy
  • Tapas
  • Telekinesis

He was fist and foremost a warrior, a military leader who would lead by example, fighting in the thick of battles with very aggressive abilities.

He was also believed to be capable of manipulating the midichlorians as he was trained by plagueis and sidious, but if he did then he never demonstrated this ability openly.

The Berserker

Ever since losing his legs on mustafar during training with maul, volcovo had an ever-lurking state of pure, rage filled dark side force energy which would be called Berserker Wrath, where he would subconsciously tap into the dark side of the force to become faster, stronger, tougher, and far, far more dangerous.

When in berserker wrath then he would lose his higher thought processes and act strictly by his more primal instincts, destroying everything in sight and would unknowingly consume the midichlorians inside a living being, feeding his own midichlorians.

He completely ignores all pain, draws from the living force to regenerate lost blood, flesh, and organs, becomes twice as strong, twice as fast, blaster bolts do little to no harm to him depending on the stopping power, and ignores force abilities, including force lightning.

Once the object which had invited his aggression is gone or when his force reserves run out then he is finally free from the ability, which he describes as "An eternal, shallow ocean of blood spread across a wide open plane, where I could only feel heat, see red, and feel like what it probably feels to be insane, unable to see nor hear anything outside."

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