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Hyena-class Heavy Droid Bomber, or Hyena-class Droid Bomber, was a product of Nakamura Industries before the Clone Wars. The Hyena-class was modified with heavier armour plating and more weapon systems which led it to being classified as a heavy bomber.

The bomber saw extensive combat during the Clone Wars and proved to be an excellent opponent against other droid bombers as well as competing with Republic bombers. The droid bomber was used as both a starfighter assault bomber and walker for supporting ground forces as well as acting as extra turrets on Republic starships, such as the Venator-class Heavy Star Destroyer.



The starfighter mode of the droid was armed with twin laser cannons, proton torpedoes, concussion ion missiles and proton bomb launchers for engaging starfighters as well as performing bombing runs. Like the Vulture HDS, it was also built to deal with rogue Trade Federation units.


The walker mode of the droid was armed with heavy twin laser cannons and concussion missiles to deal with hostile ground forces, it was also armoured with heavier plating than its original counterpart as well as its weapon systems being upgraded. The walker mode was also powerful against vehicles as well as infantry.


There was also a variant of this droid starfighter known as the "Elite Hyena-class Heavy Bomber" featured in Star Wars Starfighter: Dandelion Squadron.


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