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A hybrid was the result of interbreeding between two different species. It was more common to find hybrids of species that were genetically similar to each other than it was to find hybrids of incompatible species. Common hybrids included Theelin/Humans, Near-human/Humans, Zeltron/Humans, Kiffar/Humans, Human/Alazirians, N'Akkiarla/Humans, Heshtian/Humans and Sith/Humans. Twi'leks and Zeltrons could also inter-breed with Humans. Hybridism could be found in other species as well, but not to the same extent. It has been theorised that Twi'leks and Togruta could inter-breed as well. Two Sith/Qua hybrids were known to exist, but both were born of the same mother as a result of Sith alchemy.

Several conditions existed limiting the success of hybridization, most obvious being the genetic diversity between species. For hybrids of species that were more closely-related, the differences would have included changes in morphology, breeding, fertility, and physiological rejection of sperm cells or embryos. For hybrids of species that were vastly different, if progeny were to occur, genetic defects would result and the offspring would most likely be infertile.

Sometimes entire new races and subraces were formed from hybridisation, examples of which included the Ingza, a Human race of both Earthling and N'Akkiarlian blood, which came about from reproduction between Earthling migrants and their N'Akkiarlian masters during the long movement of roughly half of Earth's population to the planet of Ingza Prime and the Homo-Heshtian, a race originating from procreation between Humans and Heshtians.

Known hybridsEdit

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