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These people are here for no other reason, then to die.
Hyyym Chuuu

The Huusa were elite and devote units of Zungti warroirs, which would bombard planets proir to the main attack. More often then not, all the Huusa would die in their attacks, meaning that by the time the Zungti War ended the Huusa were nearlly extint.


About a year before the Zungti War broke out, Hyyym Chuuu ordered the creation of a suicide warriors. Hyyym's son, Yi, was charged with the task of making this new force. He choose several specialized warriors from the Zungti army and used them to begin the new army. The Huusa first appeared during the Battle of Kashyyyk.

Gear and Weapons

The Huusa would weild fire swords as their main weapon. However, strapt to their sides, were ion bombs which would automadically explode when they were killed.


The name, Huusa, comes from the Zungtiese prefix hus, meaning death.


The Huusa were not given names, rather they were numbered by a rune in the Zungti laungage.

Known Members

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