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I am the Warrior of Death! Fear my wrath! Quake in fright! Die at my blade!
—Hunuia to a challenger.

Hunuia Phelope, nicknamed Warrior of Death by her people, was a Force sensitive Mandalorian, and the mother of Siah Phelope. She was also the wife of Jedi Knight Keinger Journt. She later died at the hands of another Mandalorian.


Early life

Momma, do I have to kill?"
Bu-but I don't wanna."
You will, and that's final!

—Hunuia and her mother.

Hunuia was raised by parents who counted war and bloodshed as a daily activity. She grew up kindhearted, but did not stand for insults. She met Mandalore Jedi Padawan Keinger Journt as a teenager and fell in love with him, but did not speak of this to anyone. She was soon shown expert fighting by her father, which turned her heart to stone.

Adult years

Warrior of Mandalore

I will not except your offer! Now, go! Or I will be forced to kill you!
—Hunuia to a person trying to hire her.

Hunuia took after her parents and became a warrior of her planet. Well known and hunted by others. She never lost a battle, therefor leaving her a champion. Many people would ask her to hunt someone down for them, but she would refuse, threatening to kill them if they did not leave her alone. Some left and were spared, others stayed and were slaughtered by Hunuia. She would stay this way until her love returned.

Keinger return

My love is yours alone, Hunuia. I promise to love you forever, through all that comes to be."
I am forever bound to you. My love is only for you. As we raise of children and grow as a family, I will never turn from my vows by looking at another man.

—Keinger Journt and Hunuia's vows.

At age twenty-two Hunuia learned Keinger had returned. Now realizing his love for her, married her in a traditional Mandalorian wedding, with only family present.

Siah's birth

Keinger, look at your daughter. She's more precious then anything in the galaxy."
Yes. She resembles an Angel. She will make a fine Jedi Knight one day."
Not my daughter!"
Hunuia, you have to accept the fact she's Force sensitive."
I know. Your right, but I won't let them take her till she's two.

—Hunuia and Keinger after their daughter's birth.

Seven months after the wedding, Siah Phelope was born, keeping her mother's maiden name to hide her father's identity.


Hunuia with Siah shortly after her birth

Siah's discovery

Madam, I have come to take Siah to the Jedi Temple."
Oh, is it that day already? I will allow you to take her, if you tell Keinger Journt of her coming."
Why would Master Journt need to know?"
He's and old friend. I trust him.

—The Jedi Knight and Hunuia, as her daughter is about to leave..

Since Keinger had to return to his Jedi duties, Hunuia raised Siah alone. One night, Hunuia had to fend off some robbers lingering outside their home. When she returned, bloody and victorious, a Jedi Knight had come to take Siah to the Jedi Temple. Hunuia knew this day would come, and allowed her daughter to be taken, provided Keinger would be told about her arrival. When the Jedi asked why, Hunuia said he was an old friend. Hunuia watched the Jedi leave with her daughter, before going to her bed.


A year after her daughter had been taken, Hunuia had been in her home when a vengeful Mandalorian found her. They killed her in cold blood for nearly killing them in a battle years before. Hunuia was found by family two days later, who buried her and told others of her death.

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