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Marka Ragnos, a Sith Alchemy created Hybrid. Father of Casso, a born Sith Hybrid.

The Human-Sith Hybrids were a sub-species of both Humans and the Sith species bred, they were often created through Sith Alchemy however there were a number of rare cases that become rather powerful, two examples of this were Macero and Casso with one being the son of the morphed Sith Vitiate and the other being the son of a powerful Sith Lord and the Human-Sith Hybrid Marka Ragnos.


Human-Sith Hybrids were expected to be two things: humanoid and very powerful in the Darkside. There were two variants of Hybrids: those born through Sith Alchemy and those naturally born, differentiating between a Sith appearance and a human appearance, respectively.


There were two major differences between the those born from Sith Alchemy and natural birth were simple, born Hybrids were the real goal of those Alchemy attempts that Alchemists had attempted to create originally: Hybrids with the incredible Force sensitivity of the Sith while retaining an almost totally human guise.

In every way that those Human-Sith Hybrids whom were created by Sith Alchemy appeared like a Sith, born Human-Sith Hybrids however appeared as reddish-tanned Humans with Dark brown or Hazel eyes, it was also claimed that born Human-Sith Hybrids had a higher Midi-chlorian count than the created kind due to the Human aspect of their biology and due to not having lost Midi-chlorians during the fusing of cultures due to having been genetically manipulated through Sith Alchemy.

A notable alike trait however was that female Human-Sith Hybrids, regardless of type, would inevitably give birth to born Human-Sith Hybrids effectively creating a new Super-race as previously intended.

Notable Human-Sith Hybrids

Created through Sith Sorcery:

  • Marka Ragnos - One of the Greatest Sith Lords of his time and the father of born Human-Sith Hybrid Casso, he convinced his own daughter to become one with the Darkside, becoming the Avatar of the Darkside to save her younger brother.
  • Naga Sadow - A powerful Hybrid in the time of Marka Ragnos.
  • Casso's mother - The mother of Casso.
  • Macero's mother - The mother of Macero.

Born naturally:

  • Unnamed daughter of Marka Ragnos - The unnamed Daughter of Marka Ragnos who became the Entity of the Darkside.
  • Casso - The second Child of Marka Ragnos and a time-traveller, he was sent into the far by the Entity of the Darkside trying to save his life and witnessed the destruction of the Lost Tribe of the Sith believing it to be the destruction of the Sith as a whole, he was brought then back in time by the Entity of the Darkside a year before the Battle of Kamino and found naked with no memory but was instantly taken an interest in due to his massive power in the Force.
  • Macero - Macero was the son of Sith Emperor Vitiate and an unnamed Created Human-Sith Hybrid, Macero was once greeted by the Entity of the Darkside who foretold that he would fall in love with the son of Marka Ragnos - a prophecy that Macero, but during the Battle of Yavin with Casso regaining his memories he learns that the prediction was more true than he ever believed.