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Jabba - you're a wonderful Human being!
Han Solo[src]

Humans were the Galaxy's most numerous and politically dominant sentient species, with millions of major and minor colonies Galaxy-wide. Believed by most to have originated on the galactic capital of Coruscant, they in fact hailed from Vitea , a massive world strong with the light side of the force , that was eventually lost to time. It was believed that the Celestials were physically remarkably similar to the Humans, and it is also believed that the former race altered the DNA of the original Vitean Humans to make them more like the Celestials themselves. Humans could be found anywhere, engaged in many different pursuits: spacers, mercenaries, smugglers, merchants, Sith troopers, assassins, farmers, crime lords, laborers and many others. Since Humans were the most common sentient species, they were often considered to be a standard or average to which the biology, psychology, and culture of other species were compared to.

In 50,000 BBY an event known as "Great Birthing" occured on the planet named 'Ei-Zonnox, later to be known as Earth, by the N'Akkiarlian colonists, who were led by a N'Akkiarlian explorer called Angorr 'Ei-Zonnox, the first explorers discovered native Humans, who offered themselves to the newcomers, believing them to be gods, the explorers were only to happy to accept, but were rather suprised when the native females bore their children, the discovery that Humans and N'Akkiarla were compatible, which was believed to be due to the similar evolutionary history of the two races, and their ancestry, both species being Therapsid Synapsids.

As more and more N'Akkiarlian colonists arrived they took control of the planet and made the natives their servants, the native Humans were only too happy to obey and serve their N'Akkiarlian masters, including in the N'Akkiarlas' mass procreation campaign (the "Great Birthing"), resulting in millions of hybrid children, and pure blood natives gradually becoming extinct, resulting in every Earthling having N'Akkiarlian blood, it was these hybrids that were the ancestors of the Ingza, resulting in the N'Akkiarla viewing the Earthlings and the Ingza as their children.

These Humans are our children, many thousands of years ago, our people interbred with them, resulting in them having our blood, the blood of the N'Akkiarla flows through their veins, the heroic blood that won our freedom from the damned Eoki, they, and their Ingzan offspring, are our beloved children, we N'Akkiarla embrace them in our arms like a loving mother embraces her daughter, we are all sons of daughters of Kazi, Kazi being the mother of all N'Akkiarla and their child races
—A N'Akkiarlian explaining his race's relation to the Earthlings


Like most of the Galaxy's sentient species, Humans had a torso, two legs, two arms, and one head. Other sentient species with a body type roughly similar to Humans were often referred to as humanoids, since Humans were the most common example. Their heads had two eyes, one nose for breathing and smelling, and a mouth for eating, breathing and communicating. Human arms had five-fingered hands for manipulation, mirrored by their legs' five-toed feet. Also, like most species, they came in two sexes, male and female, although there were cases of hermaphrodites as well.

Unlike other mammalian species, such as Wookiees, they had only a light covering of body hair, with males being hairier than females. Most of their body hair was concentrated on the head and, in the case of males, face. This hair was grown, cut, and styled for aesthetic or ritualistic reasons, as with the elaborate hairstyles of the Royal Naboo and the traditional braids of Human Jedi Padawans. Older Humans often suffered from the loss of the hair on their head. The facial hair grown by adult males could also be grown, styled, or shaved completely.

Despite overall physiological uniformity, baseline Humans varied greatly in appearance. Their hair color ranged from blond to dark, sometimes with hues of red, changing to gray or white as years passed. Diversity in skin color was also seen, with various grades from pale yellow (Cinde Moun), fair (Jasca Ducato), and to dark (Mace Windu). Their eyes came in various colors, including, but not limited to, shades of blue, green, or brown, and in rare instances, yellow and in the rarest of cases red, for example Erana Katan, red eyes were caused by a genetic malfuction and was one of the rarest disorders in the galaxy. Diversity in appearance was seen on many Human planets, and none of these features were known to have been specifically traced to specific isolated populations on any planets.

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