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Hudu Shiv was a male human Mandalorian warrior who served under Pre Vizsla in the Death Watch during the Clone Wars. At Count Dooku's request, Shiv struck at Jedi Padawan Nuru Kungurama, but failed to defeat him or his squad of clone troopers. When Vizsla and Dooku had a falling-out, Shiv and the rest of the Death Watch followed their leader in splitting from the Separatists. Later, with the help of Darth Maul and his brother, Savage Opress, Death Watch finally achieved their ultimate goal: the conquering of Mandalore. However, Maul betrayed and killed Vizsla in an honor duel. Shiv, refusing to see an outsider as Mandalore, followed Bo-Katan, leader of the Nite Owls, in a resistance against Maul. Shiv later helped free Satine Kryze from prison. Shiv was one of the Mandalorians that Bo-Katan trusted to fight beside her when she and Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi fought toward the spaceport. Shiv and Bo-Katan stayed on Mandalore while Kenobi went to the Republic to get reinforcements. Later in ther battle he was killed by one of maul's commandos.


Facing a Jedi

Hudu Shiv was a Human male Death Watch assassin. In 21 BBY, Count Dooku contacted the Death Watch and requested a sniper, and Hudu Shiv was sent. Shiv arrived at Dooku's retreat on Kohlma, and after being tested with remotes to prove his prowess, he was sent on to Vaced with specific instructions to assassinate the Commissioner of Kynachi, Langu Sommilor.

Hudu Shiv engages Nuru Kungurama.

Arriving on the planet Vaced, where Sommilor was going to meet with an escort, Shiv prepared an ambush outside of Vaced Spaceport, and was hidden under a camouflage net in a tree when Breaker, a member of the Galactic Republic unit Breakout Squad, was on patrol and stumbled upon Shiv's speeder bike Shiv knocked Breaker unconscious and tied him up, as he had been instructed to not allow anyone to know that a Mandalorian had been involved in the assassination.

When Sommilor arrived on Vaced, Shiv used poison darts to kill him and the two KynachTech Industries pilots who accompanied him. Shiv prepared to go, leaving behind the utility belt of Jedi Master Ring-Sol Ambase as Count Dooku had instructed, when Ambase's Padawan Nuru Kungurama approached him on a stolen swoop with a swoop gang in hot pursuit. Shiv had been instructed to leave Kungurama alive, and attempted to elude them, but knowing the swoops were faster than his speeder bike, tossed a thermal detonator, knowing Kungurama would be able to avoid it. Kungurama dodged the detonator, but the explosion took out the swoop gang. When Kungurama followed Shiv into the canyon called Shattered Rock, now accompanied by the sole survivor of the gang, Gizman, Shiv circled around to ambush them. Shiv shot Gizz and caused the swoop to crash.

Shiv checked to see if the young Jedi was alive, and found him not only alive but conscious. The two fought a brief duel before the Hasty Harpy, the starship Kungurama had been traveling on, arrived. Shiv used his jetpack to flee, and when the Hasty Harpy followed him, he used his rocket to attack the ship. He returned to his Pursuer-class enforcement ship and, after detaching the lifeboat, sent the ship by remote control to follow the Harpy, and let it be destroyed, fooling Breakout Squad into thinking he was dead. The confrontation, though, also resulted in the damaging of the Hasty Harpy. Then he took the lifeboat to a nearby space station to wait for a Death Watch ship to pick him up, hoping to someday confront Kungurama again.

Takeover of Mandalore

Shiv later participated in the mission to Jabba's palace as a member of Bo-Katan's Nite Owls. He was responsible for taking out several Gamorrean guards, and he later assisted the injured in Jabba's Palace after Jabba, Vizsla, and the Dathomiri brothers came to an agreement. Death Watch and the Shadow Collective left for Mandalore. Maul revealed that the Death Watch was to ingratiate themselves into the Mandalorian citizens by rescuing them from the Shadow Collective, who would go in first and terrorize Sundari.

Shiv on Mandalore.

When the Black Sun and Pyke Syndicate members took captive a group of workers and police at the Sundari shipping docks and put them in crates, Shiv arrived with some others, "captured" the criminals and rescued those they had locked in the crates as part of a show in order for Death Watch to win over the people of Mandalore. When one of the police thanked him, Shiv replied that he should thank Pre Vizsla. He then joined Vizsla and Bo-Katan when Vizsla declared himself the new leader of Mandalore.

Later, he was present when the leader of Death Watch, Pre Vizsla, and Darth Maul dueled for the title of Mandalore. After the lengthy fight ended when Maul decapitated Vizsla, this member, along with several others, sided with Maul and recognized him as his new leader. He was seen at Prime Minister Almec's side after the latter gave a speech to the people of Mandalore.

Soon after, however, Shiv had misgivings about serving under Maul and joined Bo-Katan's rebels, realizing that an outsider and a Sith could never serve as Mandalore. One of the biggest reasons for joining Bo-Katan, however, was his growing hatred of Lorka Gedyc, the commander of Darth Maul's new super commandos. Shiv helped Obi-Wan Kenobi escape the planet so the latter could inform the Republic of what had occurred on Mandalore. When Kenobi left, Shiv and Bo-Katan stood side-by-side in the spaceport, cutting down their former comrades. When word came that Darth Maul had gone missing and his brother, Savage Opress, was dead, Shiv and Bo-Katan used the opportunity to strike at Prime Minister Almec and Lorka Gedyc. However, Gedyc commanded all of his super commandos to return to the palace and defend him. Bo-Katan's forces were pushed back and formed a resistance cell in the Sundari suburbs. Shiv was given command of Bo-Katan's elite commando unit. Soon after shiv was killed right after Kenobi left.

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