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Before the Republic era

The Hsskhor-Kashyyyk Conflict was the conflict between the Hsskhor Syndicate and the Wookiees of Kashyyyk. It began with the peace talks in 10 AFRE, after the Hsskhor Syndicate arrived on Kashyyyk in search of a lost Rakatan outpost. The war lasted until 15 AFRE, when Kashyyyk was officially annexed by the Syndicate.

Initial communication between the Trandoshans of the Syndicate and the Wookiees was difficult. As annexation of other worlds proceeded unabated, frustration with the Wookiees rose. Skirmished between Trandoshans and Wookiees broke out in 11 AFRE.

For the first several years of the conflict, there was no clear advancement by either side. While the Wookiees held their ground, the Syndicate continued to ship soldiers from Trandosha. Phindians and Bimms joined the conflict on the side of the Syndicate, yet they contributed as little more than fodder.

The Hsshkor Syndicate encountered the Sith League in 11 AFRE, during the onset of the Hsskhor-Kashyyyk Conflict. Thus, they diverted several Byager destroyers from the war effort to the world Charros for the Charros Convention. Fear of a second war drove the Syndicate's diplomats to seek peaceful terms with the Sith, which they reached. However, they refused the offer of aid from the Sith, partially out of pride and partially due to caution.

The turning point of the conflict came in 15 AFRE when Wasskah Shipyards introduced the Umbar-class stealth bombers. The bombers, using Umbaran stealth technology gained from the Annexation of Umbara, were able to make devastating attacks on the Wookiees undetected. This, coupled with the creation of Trandoshan elite stealth units, led to the surrender of the Wookiees. Although hostilities persisted, the Syndicate took control of the planet and officially annexed it in 15 AFRE, ending the conflict.

The Hsskhor-Kashyyyk Conflict was the first major war fought by the Hsskhor Syndicate. Although costly, the war was ultimately beneficial for the Syndicate. It united the new worlds with Trandosha against a common enemy, it prompted the Syndicate to push their technology, and it ended with the Syndicate in control of Kashyyyk, a resource rich planet.


Behind the scenes

The Hsskhor-Kashyyyk Conflict was developed by SavageOpress1138 as the first major conflict of his faction, the Hsskhor Syndicate, in the Star Wars Fanon game A New Dawn.

The idea of the Trandoshans using stealth units to defeat the Wookiees comes from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. In the game, there is a sidequest involving Mandalorians using stealth units on Kashyyyk and another involving Trandoshans who launch a surprise attack using stealth units. The author combined these ideas for the resolution of the conflict.

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