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Look out, Luke! Ice boars at 2 o'clock!
—Anonymous Rebel to Luke Skywalker during the Battle of Hoth[src]

Hoth hogs, also called Snowy pigs or Ice boars, were ungulates native to Hoth. They were extremely adaptable to any environment, but their fur was evolved to help them live in cold climates. Hoth hogs were never officially domesticated, but some were taken to live in zoos on several different planets. Hoth hogs were originally from Hoth, but were also taken via pet owners to other snowy planets such as Diado.

Hoth hog's fur was extraordinarily protective to the icy winds, which made it valuable for use on snow coats. At Echo Base on Hoth, several Rebel troopers died from the wind. Luke Skywalker, however, discovered the creatures while scouting one day, and killed several of them. The Hoth hog's fur was used on Rebel coats from then on.

Other than their fur being valued all across the Galaxy, they played an important role in Galactic events. Hoth hogs, during the Battle of Hoth, took down entire AT-STs while in large packs. However, the Empire soon figured out how to destroy them—they sent down more Heavy weapons specialists to shoot missiles at the creatures. Several Hoth hogs fell to these missiles.

Description and behavior


A Hoth hog at a zoo.

Whoa, nice little't hurt me...stay! Stay right there while I refill your bowl...steady...
—A Trandoshan trying to calm down an angry Hoth hog[src]

Hoth hogs were intelligent. In fact, some of the Hoth hogs were known to raid zoos after escaping. Thus, Hoth hogs were kept under maximum security with tough Trandoshan zookeepers to go feed them and take care of them. In on instance, a pack of Hoth hogs killed their Trandoshan zookeeper, stole his key, escaped, and killed 45 innocent civilians.[1]

Hoth hogs primarily ate jellyfish and other native creatures of Hoth, but, in zoos, enjoyed Piranha steaks and other delicious snow delicacies. They had several natural predators, such as the giant tauntaun of Hoth, but many Hoth hogs outran these creatures or blended in to the snowy environment with their white fur.[1]

According to reports by Zeltron scientists, Hoth hogs' eyes were black and white. Although this was an advantage to their predators, several zookeepers genetically modified Hoth hog's eyes for color vision for unknown reasons. After these Hoth hogs gave birth to Hoth hogs in color, they gave more color-seeing Hoth hogs, and soon enough, another breed of Hoth hogs dubbed the "Colored Ice Boars" began to rise on a Kerensik zoo. These new Hoth hogs were taken all over the Galaxy to other zoos.[1]

Hoth hog sport


A Hoth hog races against a tauntaun on Hoth.

20 credits my boar will win.
—A Hoth hog racer betting[src]

Many civilians of the Galaxy kept Hoth hogs as pets, and raced them against each other. Hoth hogs were considered fast, as they could outrun tauntauns and other quick Hoth-native creatures. These were officially known as the "Hoth hog sport" (HHS) but never really got to a league of players at the Galactic level, as it was illegal. [1]

On some instances, Hoth hogs were raced against other creatures, such as Tauntauns, Wampas, and other snowy creatures. On other instances, they were raced against non-snowy creatures, such as munyips of Endor.[1]



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