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Honah Bonuj (21 BBY-30 ABY) was a Mandalorian bounty hunter and later Rebel agent who participated in the Clux System War. He was born on Corellia to two surviving Mandalorian parents, Resk Bonuj and Wena Bonuj. He was killed in the Second Clux System War, and was survived by his wife, Christiya Bion and her unborn child.


Early life (21 BBY-8 BBY)

Honah's parents, both children of former Mandalorians who had left the Mando clan before the Mando's near destruction at the Battle of Galidraan, raised him as a normal child for the first two years of his life. Both of his parents had never been bounty hunters or warriors themselves, and had no reason to train their son as such, even if they were Mandolarians.

However, in 19 BBY, shortly after the Declaration of a New Order by Emperor Palpatine, Honah's father, Resk, was murdered in an imperial raid of Corellia. Wena immediately took her son as far away from the core worlds as possible. She relocated her family to the planet Mandalore, where she rediscovered her Mandalorian heritage. She helped teach Honah the way of the Mandalorian and recovered a battlesuit that had once belonged to one of her ancestors. She gave it to Honah.

In 8 BBY, Wena died when a jetpack she was testing for Honah's use ran out of fuel. Honah, then thirteen years of age, was left to fend for himself. He quickly found his way off world and went into the business of bounty hunting.

Bounty Hunting (7 BBY-1 ABY)

Honah, although young, quickly took to the Bounty Hunting life. He performed contracts mainly for the large Hutt families. He kept a low profile, rarely wearing his armor while not actively hunting. He did this for fear that other active Mandalorian bounty hunters, such as Boba Fett, might regard him as competition and kill him.

Honah acquired a stolen Lambda-class T-4a shuttle as payment for a contract he carried out for a Black Sun Vigo in 2 BBY. This ship became his primary means of transportation. He gave it the name Resk's Dream.

In 1 ABY, Honah was hired by Governor Vendrick Dullux, who was the Imperial Governor of the Clux System. The Governor wished to secede from the Empire, and had contacted many rebel leaders to help him do so. Dullux had about three thousand troops assembled, and wished for Honah to lead a special mission to eliminate the three mayors of the three planets in the Clux system.

The Clux System War began.

Clux System War (2 ABY-4 ABY)


About a hundred thousand rebel agents were discretely transferred to the Clux System's capital world, Clux Major. They were led by General Christiya Bion. Honah and the General were to lead a large group, numbering fifty rebels, into each of the Clux Mayors' palaces, where they were to be eliminated. After the three were killed, the rest of the rebel agents would deal with the Imperial Bases scattered throughout the system.

The group pulled off the first two killings without a problem, but when they attempted to eliminate the Mayor of Clux Major, Grenet Key, the rebels found themselves facing an extreme amount of imperial stormtroopers. During the battle, Honah received a message from the Governor of Clux. According to him, this so called uprising had all been a ploy to eliminate the mayors of the two outer Clux planets, both of whom had been rebel sympathizers, and to lure as many rebel agents as possible into a trap. Honah was ordered to kill General Bion.


Honah, who had an intense hatred for the Empire, refused the order and fought the Stormtroopers that were attacking. Most of the rebel group was decimated, and General Bion was wounded. Honah, being the only other survivor, carried Christiya away from the battle, escaping using his jetpack. The two fled to the capital city of Clux Major, Ferin. There a friendship kindled between the two.

The Imperial Fleet, summoned by the Governor, quickly landed in Clux Major and began their systematic search for and destruction of rebel agents. The largest hide out of the rebels, located in Ferin, was raided before General Bion and Honah could take refuge there.

Honah and Bion fled the city, seeing that it was extremely overrun by imperial forces. They determined that it would be likely that if they stayed, they would be discovered and killed. The two rebels, hiding in the wilderness just outside of Ferin, devised a plan to attempt to infiltrate an imperial communications base and contact all the rebels scattered along the planet. From there, they would organize a battle plan with the surviving rebel agents.

Honah and Christiya scouted out a communications facility located on the outskirts of Ferin. They decided to disguise themselves as imperial stormtroopers in an attempt to enter. The two ambushed a patrol of stormtroopers. After a vicious firefight leaving only the two rebels alive, Honah and Christiya left their belongings at their camp and donned the uniforms of the stormtroopers.

Wearing the uniform of the Empire, Honah and Christiya had little trouble entering the communications facility and transmitting a message to all surviving rebels.

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