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The Holonet Transceiver, as much as it was not so useful, was still very unique and powerful device of communication
—Madison Fox describing the Holonet Transceiver

Holonet Transceiver was a unique communication technology that allowed several people to see each other and communicate more efficiently. It saw service with the McLaren Confederacy, used by various commanders to connect and communicate with their headquarters.

The Holonet Transceiver was very powerful and very useful according to some, however, as time passed by, its flaws started to show. Due to major interference of these flaws plus major technological problems, the Holonet Transceiver was eventually retired and replaced by the Holoscene Transceiver, which was created with very few flaws that almost never showed.

Although retired, the Holonet Transceiver was still used by a few commanders and some soldiers. Madison Fox, an admiral in the McLaren Confederate Air Force, was one of the few people that was still using the Holonet Transceiver after it was retired and replaced.


The Holonet Transceiver was a unique device in the sense that it was usable anywhere, any time. It took shapes as small as a holonet pad to as big as an entire holographic screen. This allowed people like Madison Fox to use it in their starfighters, own rooms, even in a big screen mounted on a wall. Its energy requirements were low, therefore a single Holonet Transceiver could last nearly 2 years. Having that in mind, most people wished to use it in various places. Its energy came from 4 batteries that were put inside the holographic device, allowing for its use on starfighters.


From its invention to its retirement, the Holonet Transceiver was a device never to be left down or left forgotten. Regardless, there was always a few people that were still using this device even after its retirement.


The Holonet Transceiver was invented by Madison Fox, who in turn was asked by Sophia McLaren and Victoria Price, to create a communication device that was powerful enough to allow long range communication, along with portability and holographic capability. Fox's answer was the Holonet Transceiver, which had all the requirements of a strong and capable communication device.


The Holonet Transceiver first saw use with Victoria Price herself, during the claiming of the underground droid factories in Geonosis. It was primarily used by Price to help communicate and get battlefield tips from Sophia. It later saw service with the McLaren Confederate Military, mainly with the McLaren Confederate Air Force and the McLaren Confederate Marines. Its main use from then on was strategic communication and command from a place on the battlefield.


As time went by, the flaws of the Holonet Transceiver started to show. Technological problems also were starting to show. Flaws, such as slight jamming and unexpected shut downs, were what started to give some commanders a bad impression of the device. Technological problems, such as communication jamming and lack of infrared (short-range infrared signalling), were what caused Sophia McLaren to eventually want the device retired and out of service. The main issue that was never mentioned at all by Madison Fox was that the Holonet Transceiver was not equipped with infrared signalling. This discovery eventually phased out Fox's Holonet Transceiver with Ramsey's Holoscene Transceiver which was equipped with infrared. The Holoscene Transceiver then was the McLaren Confederacy's primary communication device, but the Holonet Transceiver was not completely phased out as Madison Fox and a few other commanders and some soldiers still used this device, since Fox never mentioned that she had a Mark II of the Holonet Transceiver not a Mark I which was the version that was phased out.

Behind the scenesEdit

The idea behind the Holonet Transceiver was the initial upgrade in Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds with the same name. It allowed the player and his allies to share the same line of sight. The main difference was the fact that this version of the Holonet Transceiver was actually a device deployed anywhere not just in a single place. This version also did not allow the commander to see his soldiers' actions and what they see.

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