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Holo-Pad Communicator

A Holo-Pad Communicator

A Clone Holo-Pad Communicator or Holo-pad, was a hand-held device used to project holograms. It was a hand-held Holographic Holoprojector, device that could record, transmit and receive hologram images, constructed for the purposes for communication across great distances. These devices were given to all Clone Commanders, Clone Commandos, and ARC-captains and commanders, during the Clone Wars.

Clones, who usually served under a Jedi General or commanding officers, would hold holo-pads, to await further instructions and orders from their Jedi Generals or commanding officers. When a user was contacted or receiving a message, the holo-pad would make an incoming beeping sound, the user would press the center of the pad, and a mini-3D holographic image of their contact, would appear before them, thus the two would converse with one another.

During Order 66, Emperor Palpatine, made use and took advantage of the Holo-pads, issuing the order to all the Clone Commanders, throughout the Galaxy, and ordering countless clones, to brutally execute the Jedi that they served under.