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Holly Talon

Note: This story is linked into 'The Unknown Years' of the official Holly Talon storyline.

Jarek Okiota glanced up as the door to the cantina slid open. Her again, he thought recognising the young and beautiful female bounty hunter as she walked in. Her presence had an incredible effect on everyone. When she walked in, everyone turned and stared at her. They watched her with respect. They knew she was to be feared. She's so darn beautiful. Jarek tried to push that thought from his mind as he watched her cross the room towards were he was discussing the job he'd just completed with some old friends. She was still dressed in the Beskar'gam she'd been wearing on the job, and he couldn't help noticing the way it showed off her figure. She stopped at his table. Jarek was once again struck by her beauty. She was small and slim, with shoulder length golden blonde hair, snowy white skin and blue-grey eyes, set into her heart-shaped face. The scar near her right eye just made her even more beautiful to Jarek. "What are you doing here? This is no place for a lady." he managed, his eyes fixed on hers. She looked slightly annoyed "I am Mando'ade, I can go where I please.", with that, Holly turned and walked across the cantina to a group of dodgy-looking people, whom she obviously knew well, judging by the way they greeted her, as if she had been gone for too long. "So?" said a voice to his left, it was his brother, Marek "who's the girl?"

"Holly Talon. She's not what she'd like you to believe. Sure, she's a Mando, but, if I'm not mistaken, her sister married the Felucian king not long ago."

"Royalty working as a bounty hunter? What's the deal with that?"

"Who knows? She don't let on anything to anyone. She makes a change from the usual Twi'leks." Jarek replied, his eyes still focused on Holly, who seemed to be holding court in the far corner of the cantina. Holly was currently looking bored as the men grouped around her burst out laughing at some witty remark she'd come out with. "Makes a change from the Twi'leks? You like her then." Marek laughed. Jarek felt his face flush. At that moment, Holly glanced over at him, and shot him an intense, flirty look, then she motioned for both him and Marek to come over. Without a word, they both walked over to her corner. Holly greeted them with a slight smile. Jarek was once again glad of the low light levels in the cantina, so that Holly didn't see him blush.

After an hour or two, most of their little group had dispersed, and there was just Holly and Jarek left."Are you ok?" he asked her quietly. She nodded, and smiled slightly. Jarek wanted desperately to kiss her, and, in that moment, he could resist Holly no longer. Jarek leaned across the table towards her, his hands softly caressing her skin. "You're so.... beautiful...." he breathed as he leaned towards her. She's incredible, he thought as they kissed. Her lips were so soft and sweet, the more he kissed her, the longer he wanted it to go on. "I've been wanting to do that since I first saw you." Jarek admitted as he pulled back. Holly was gazing up at him, a warmth he'd never seen before in her beautiful blue eyes, her lips were parted slightly, and there was a sweet smile on them. She didn't speak, but she leant across the table and took his hand in hers.

"Hey, Talon!" a loud, slurred voice shouted across the cantina "who's the poor fool you're messin' about this time!? The being that had spoken was behind her, but Holly didn't turn as she drew out one of her blasters, and spoke in calm, icy voice "This dump may belong to my sister, but I'm important round here.... how would you like me to fire you?" she asked, waving her blaster about, adding meaning to her point. The drunk in the corner shut up hastily at that remark. Holly shrugged as if nothing had happened, as if she hadn't just threatened to shoot someone. That was her nature. "Your sister owns this place?" Jarek frowned at Holly. She nodded. "Lek. Lanna owns this place.... people her age find it more difficult to work as a beroya." she finished her sentence with a slight laugh. "Comes in handy, being able to use this dump as a base sometimes. Anyway, thats connected to my job, and not what I want to think about for the rest of tonight." Jarek heard that provocative tone come into her voice, and he saw the flirtatious, cheeky look in her eyes. She's daring me, he realised, well, if that's how she wants to play it....

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