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Hollow Bastion was a desolate planet located in the Outer Rim Territories, most notable for the castle of the same name and the Rising Falls. The planet’s surface was complete aquatic aside from the ice caverns, that acted as a moat, situated at the castle’s base.


Hollow Bastion was dominated by a castle which, then derelict, once was the world’s seat of power. The castle gate was accessed through a moving platform in the Rising Falls. Underneath the entrance were the Waterways which provided plumbing throughout the castle. The Entrance Hall of the castle was directly through its imposing marble doors. A library was here, containing knowledge collected by its former occupants. Also accessible from the Entrance Hall was the Lift Stop, a complex series of elevators which provide transportation to different parts of the castle. Its peculiar construction forced travelers to exit to an exterior portion of the castle called the Great Crest in order to reach the Castle Chapel. The chapel then segued to the Grand Hall.


In 125 ABY, Hollow Bastion served as the headquarters and staging area of the Rosen Kreuz Orden. It was in the libraries of the castle that the Contra Mundi discovered the ancient texts concerning the use of “magick.” When the Rosen Kreuz were forced to flee from Eriadu after the Emperor, Antonio de Borgia, seized control of the planet back, it was here to which the Orden fled and set up their new power base.

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