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Here we are, Juggernaut. Come and get us.
Shasta Moonreaper taunting the war droid Juggy

Here We Are, Juggernaut is a short story in the MI5 Chronicles series. It's the sixth story to be published in the series.

The Plot

Before Shasta Moonreaper joined MI5, Valeria Kennt adopted Shasta's daughter. This story details that decision.

The Story

Note: This fanfic contains mild language and violence.
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Main Characters

Minor Characters

  • Jyn Landeskog (Mentioned only)
  • Kayla Moonreaper (Indirect mention only)
  • Unnamed Hutt (Mentioned only)
  • Unnamed Rodian (Mentioned only)
  • Various droids

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The events of Here We Are, Juggernaut take place in 44 BBY, two years before the events of From Ryloth With Love. (Also see: Star Wars... 007 Style timeline)

Behind The Scenes

Here We Are, Juggernaut is named after the song Here We Are Juggernaut by Coheed and Cambria.

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