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Your breaching was slow and uninspired, your responses were sluggish, and I am still trying to figure out what in the name of the Force Sergeant DiSote was attempting to do.
—Captain Laera Reyolé, to a platoon of Army troopers[src]

Hellin DiSote was a Human female from Bestine who joined the Republic Army as the Mandalorian Wars came to a close and served during the Jedi Civil War. Described as a model soldier by her instructors, she earned a promotion to sergeant for her actions during the bombing of Telos IV. She was then transferred to the compliment of Army troopers stationed aboard Vibrosword, flagship of Vice Admiral Forn Dodonna. DiSote participated in the Iridonia-Lannik Campaign and, later, in the battle that saw the capture of Darth Revan. She left military service after the defeat of Darth Malak, having been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.


DiSote joined the Army in the waning months of the Mandalorian Wars, leaving her homeworld of Bestine to help defend the Galactic Republic. Graduating from basic training as that conflict came to its end at the Battle of Malachor V, she later served as part of the garrison force on Telos IV. When the Jedi Civil War broke out, she earned a promotion to sergeant for her actions in helping to save lives during the Sith Empire's bombing of that world. Assigned to the Hammerhead-class cruiser Vibrosword, the flagship of Vice Admiral Forn Dodonna soon afterward, she was placed in charge of one of the squads in the platoon of troopers commanded by the Twi'lek lieutenant Ibratu'na.

During the Iridonia-Lannik Campaign, the Republic's first counteroffensive of the war, DiSote saw combat during operations on Mon Gazza and Lannik. In the latter battle, she was trapped in the debris from a building that had been collapsed by Sith artillery; she was rescued by Private Rev Axeli, who pulled her clear despite the continued bombardment. Two years later, she was still serving within the same unit as a staff sergeant, which by that time had been put under the overall command of Marine Captain and Jedi Knight Laera Reyolé. As part of the informally-designated 1st Marine Strike Platoon, she participated in the capture of Darth Revan, serving as leader of the unit's second squad. During the boarding operation, she fought at Reyolé's side from the initial infiltration through to the unit's hasty departure as the battle over Ord Mantell drew to a close.

With the fleet's successful retreat at the conclusion of the battle, DiSote continued to serve in the Army despite an offer to transfer into the Marine Corps. In the wake of Ibratu'na's accepting the offer of induction, she was given a battlefield commission and promoted to junior lieutenant. Assigned to take his place aboard the Vibrosword, she served out the rest of the war in relative obscurity save for the warship's participation in the final battle over Lehon.

When peace was achieved, DiSote left the military at the first opportunity, returning to her homeworld and living a life of seclusion. She joined the Veterans of Galactic Wars, however she only rarely attended meetings and appeared in public only once, during a celebration marking the twentieth anniversary of Darth Malak's defeat. She died of cancer not long afterward, which was determined to be an artifact of toxic fumes inhaled during the battle at Lannik.

Personality and traitsEdit

Upon joining the military and being deployed to a line unit, Hellin DiSote was described as being a model soldier. During the Sith attack on Telos IV, she demonstrated considerable courage by shepherding civilians to emergency shelters until they could be evacuated. However, her participation in the Iridonia-Lannik Campaign, and specifically her experience during the enemy barrage that had nearly killed her, began to wear her down. DiSote became more reclusive in her social life, and her soldiering skills were beginning to atrophy. During Captain Reyolé's retraining of her platoon in Marine Corps tactics and doctrine, she earned the formerly-deceased field commander's ire on several occasions because of this.

After the war, she was diagnosed as having post-traumatic stress disorder and given a medical discharge with full benefits. Unwilling to revisit the events of that conflict, for the rest of her life she lived as a recluse and only rarely attended meetings with other veterans. She did, however, attend an event held on her homeworld that was part of a galaxywide celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the Jedi Civil War's conclusion.

Talents and abilitiesEdit

As a result of her Army training, Hellin DiSote was a skilled close-quarters combatant, particularly with blaster pistols and carbines. She also possessed some aptitude for hand-to-hand fighting as well as small-unit leadership. However, as a result of traumatic events that befell her during the war, her edge became dulled and she gradually lost confidence in herself and her abilities.

Behind the scenesEdit

The character of Hellin DiSote was created by fan fiction author and Star Wars Fanon Wiki administrator Sean "Goodwood" Nash for his first completed novel, The Last Full Measure.