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I have you now.
—Headhunter before killing his target

Headhunter was a Human Male Mandalorian Death Watch assassin. He was born in 7 ABY on Mandalore and was well known within the Death Watch ranks for his marksmanship with a sniper and pistol and had immense respect from his fellow Death Watch members. Headhunter's loyalty was unquestionable and was one of the Death Watch leader's advisors and bodyguards.


Early life

Headhunter was born around 7 ABY on the world of Mandalore to a Death Watch family. He was trained since birth for being part of the organization, in skills like armed and unarmed combat, spying, and other tasks that he would need to know in the group. He was also beat on allot to become resistant to physical pain, and was trained to resist torture and interrogation techniques.

Temple Siege

Keets Freely

Headhunter on the rooftops.

Later after he completed the training successfully, Headhunter was stationed at the Death Watch base on the moon of Concordia. The base was attacked by the Mandalorian Protectors, and Headhunter was captured by them, and was the only survivor. Headhunter was used by the Mandalorian Protectors to besiege the Jedi Temple on the Galactic Alliance capitol world of Coruscant, and Headhunter was used as a sniper and was stationed on a rooftop near the temple. He stayed there for days, awaiting orders. After it turned out that the Mandalorians were called off, he returned to his group as they got back to the docks and awaited further orders from their commander.

Skills and Abilities


Death Watch Sergeant: “Why are you letting them go?
Death Watch Captain: “A situation like this requires . . . precision.
— Death Watch officers referring to Headhunter

Headhunter was considered to be the best sharpshooter in the whole Death Watch and was highly respected for it. Many of the Death Watch's enemies feared him. Headhunter worked best with a sniper or pistol. Later, after he joined the Mandalorian Protectors, he was still the best sniper they had.

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