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I'm here to make sure this war stays Cold.
—Havok Eugor

Havok Eugor was a Dark Jedi assassin in the service of the Sith Empire during the Cold War. He first entered the service of the Sith at the age of fifteen and, after one year of training at the Korriban Academy, he became a Dark Jedi. Due to the lack of open war, he never saw a battlefield. However, he was used to eliminate certain individuals within both the Republic and the Sith Empire. He did so with great efficiency and quickly became feared throughout the galaxy. He was killed whilst fulfilling a contract during the final year of the Cold War.


Early Life

Why is not important. All you need to know is that you must.
—A Sith Master, to Havok Eugor

Havok Eugor was born on Ziost at the height of the Cold War between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. Ziost was a Sith world and so, Havok was brought up to believe in the Sith. When he was fifteen, he entered the Sith Academy on Korriban, having murdered his family with Force Lightning several weeks before. Here he stayed for one year, undergoing rigorous training and enduring cruel treatment at the hands of the Sith Masters. Two weeks after his sixteenth birthday, he became a Dark Jedi and was sent on his first assassination mission. To aid him, he was given a prototype Sith Infiltrator, the Eagle.

First Blood

Sweet dreams. Cliched, I know but... you're never going to know.
—Havok Eugor

Havok's first assignment was to kill a Republic Senator named Oifur. He was told that Oifur Eow was the Senator of Corellia and often stayed in one of the most luxurious hotels on Coruscant, but no more than that. Havok arrived on Coruscant under the guise of a Sith diplomat and, once out of the spaceport, began asking around for any information on the whereabouts of Senator Oifur Eow. The Senator's location was finally given to him by an Ithorian who had no idea why Havok was seeking him out.

Havok made his way to the hotel that Senator Eow was staying at and asked for his room number. This transpired to be Room 2017. Havok made his way up to the fiftieth floor of the building and entered the Senator's room. He found the Senator sleeping in bed. Havok used Force Crush on the Senator's brain, killing him instantly and silently. Havok then used his lightsaber to break the window of the hotel room and leaped out of it onto the ground below.

Accidents Happen

The traitor and his crew? Easy.
—Havok Eugor

Havok's second assignment was to kill the treacherous Grand Moff Mihts, while making it appear to be an accident. Havok was told that Mihts's ship, the Silencer, would be refueling on Ziost and that the fuel used to power his Star Destroyer was highly flammable. Havok quickly formulated a plan before flying to Ziost.

Once on Ziost, Havok quickly found the Silencer and put his plan into action.

First, he cut a power coupling with his lightsaber. He then used the Force to make the broken and sparking wire make contact with some spilled fuel. This fuel ignited and Havok used the Force to push it onto the engines, igniting them. This triggered a series of events that resulted in the engines catching fire and the ship exploding. Havok then contacted the Sith Academy, ready for another assignment.

Nelav Herd's Sentence

Your sentence is at an end.
—Havok Eugor.

Havok's next mission was to infiltrate the Republic's central prison on Coruscant and kill an Imperial prisoner in there by the name of Nelav Herd. The Sith war council feared that Herd might tell the Republic all of the Sith's plans and sent Havok to make sure that this did not happen.

Havok landed on Coruscant in the Eagle and entered the prison via an underground entrance. He then used a stealth generator to evade the prison's guards and reach Herd's cell undetected. When he reached Herd, Havok used the Force to crush his windpipe. He then escaped through the front door, still using his stealth generator.

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