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CHAPTER 3: min dime's ship the star wrecker. WOOSH! min dimer's fleet arrive out of hyperspace near the planet tethgeb. but this time the tethgeb confedrace now called the oxshe confedrace. fire all canons! yelled chanchler min dimer trew a microphone system that went trewout the ship. bam bam bam boom! booooooom! ahhhhh! get the fire hidrent quick! shouted one of the chanchler's asestents. the bridge of the star wrecker was on fire. swasssshhhhhhh! a soilder sprays water from a fire hydrant on the buring equitment. the ship is falling apart! said the min dime. give the evacuwait order admirl! yes sir! right away chanchler dimer! the fleet's admril yells trew the microphone system. EVACUWAIT THE SHIP! REAPTE EVACTOUT THE SHIP! EVACOWAITE NOW! min dime got into a escape pod and luched it off. UAHHHHAGGHHHH! yelled the chanchler at himself. he looked out the window of the escape pod. his fleet was destroyed. thare is no hope now he thought to himself. the pod landed and chanchler min dimer got out of it. he saw a search ship low to the ground. AHHUGG! he yelled. hands up! dont move said a arrest droid. the min dimer was surrounded by arrest droids working for the oxshe uionoin. the chanchler was brouth to a high secreuty prison in soj the captile of tethgeb. well well look what we have hear. said roj berrden. presedent berrden! yelled min dime. yep its me he said.i hate you! said the chanchler. well that ends your confedrace. and your war also. the presedent of tethgeb walked away with a smile on his face because he was felling good to have the evile confederate chanchler in prison. THE END!

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