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The Hapes War was a war between the Hsskhor Syndicate and the Hapes Consortium. In 14 AFRE, the Syndicate first encountered the Transitory Mists. They spent all of that year and all of the next searching for ways through the Mists and planning for a mission beyond them. To this end, the Transitory fleet, a Syndicate battle fleet, was put together.

In 16 AFRE the Transitory fleet traveled through the Transitory Mists. There, they encountered the Hapes Consortium. The Syndicate demanded the immediate unconditional surrender of the Consortium. As a show of power, they began bombarding Charubah, a Consortium colony, from orbit. To support their allies, the Sith League sent military aid to assist in the offensive.

With Charubah decimated, the Transitory fleet moved on to Terephon in 17 AFRE. However, the Hapans gave in to the Syndicate's demands of an unconditional surrender. Accepting the surrender, the Syndicate took control of all assets and colonies of the Consortium.

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