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Hapan was the Capital of the Rebellion during the Rebel Civil War.

Early Years Edit

There was many open grass fields on Hapan, over 4,567 years ago, when humans were primitive. There was many Orrays on the planet, but they were all tamed, and used for transportation. Humans there began to progress, and built primitive buildings called "Skyscrapers". They also invented things called "cars", which devastated the ecosystem.

Just Another Planet Edit

Hapan, along with all the of the planets in the galaxy became part of the Republic. For hundreds of years, Hapan was one of safest spots in the galaxy, during the age of the Republic. But the Republic did not last of course.

Clone Wars Edit

Then, during the Clone Wars, Hapan was an oiling planet that was fought over many times in Wars. The first time, the Confederacy fought with Super Mega Battle Droids, and Super Battle Droids, for the ground. In the atmosphere, only Tri-Fighters fought.

Rebel Civil War Edit

Hapan of course was the capital of the Rebellion during the Rebel Civil War. The Rebel Fleet later was place there, for protection, after what happened on Kasshyk. Then a fleet from the Confederacy attacked. Thousands of the Hapan Royal Fleet went to help protect the planet. Soon the Ultimate Weapon attacked, and much of the Rebel Fleet was destroyed. A Super Mon Cal Cruiser crashed into the Ultimate Weapon on purpose. Much of the 'Weapon was destroyed. With what little energy it had left, it fired and destroyed Hapan.

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