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"The Jedi are corrupt!"
―Han to his former master
Han Ellthor was a Mandalorian male Jedi, who served the Jedi order before becoming a bounty hunter. He was born to Mandalorian parents in the Coruscant ghetto. He was the first child of four children in his family. He was found by an unnamed Jedi master at the age of seven and was found to be extremely force sensitive. The Jedi then brought him to the temple where he was accepted into the order.

Han would find out later in his life, that his family had been murdered and the Jedi withheld that information from him. This and his disagreement with the Jedi helping the Republic in the clone wars, would lead him to leave the order and becoming a bounty hunter.


Early life

Han was born in the violent ghettos of Coruscant. At age seven, he was found by an unnamed Jedi master and brought to the temple for training. He spent most of his time training within the temple and playing with the other younglings. However, he never fully forgot his family, and he would always have dreams about being with them.

When he was sixteen, he went to visit his family, without his master's knowledge. However, when he got to this family home, his family was not there. He later found out that his whole family, but his sister, had been murdered by one of the gangs. This filled Han with rage, the only time in his life when he had been so angry. "How could the Jedi not tell me of this?" he thought. So much anger and rage built up inside him. So much so, he swore revenge on whoever did this, something a Jedi shouldn't do.

Jedi Knight

In the year 22 BBY, Han was promoted to Jedi knight after his master saw how he performed when fighting an unknown dark Jedi on the planet Devaron. However, this didn't last long as Han left the order the following year.

Leaving the order

Han left the Jedi order in the year 21 BBY. He left because he disagreed that the Jedi should serve a government, as he thought they were only keepers of the peace. His disagreement with the Jedi helping the Republic wasn't the only reason he left. He also still held onto anger about the Jedi not telling him about his family being murdered.

When he decided he wanted to leave the order, he thought he should do it in secret. He planned to take his stuff and sneak out of the temple at night. This didn't go to plan, though. When he was sneaking out, his master caught him. Han tried to make excuses, but his master didn't believe him. After a short argument on the way the order was ran, Han stormed out of the temple. His master didn't stop him, even though Han expected him to.

Order 66

When order 66 began, Han felt a great shift in the force. He knew something was happening. He would later find out his former master had been murdered by his own clone troopers. This hurt Han a lot. He grieved for weeks over his former master, even though he was no longer a Jedi.

Bounty hunting career

In the year 19 BBY, Han found out his sister fled to Mandalore, where she now lived. He would then work as a bodyguard for a while in order to save up enough money to travel there. When Han arrived on Mandalore, he searched for his sister. After four months of searching, he found her. His sister, who was named Ellia, was working as a bounty hunter. Filled with joy, Ellia gave Han a Mandalorian armor set as a gift. Ellia would then ask if Han would join her as a bounty hunter. Han, all though hesitant, would accept. The two would spend two years working with each other.

In the year 18 BBY, Ellia was shot while the two were on a mission on the planet Tatooine.

On some missions, he would also use his force powers and lightsaber, although he preferred a blaster.

He would work as a bounty hunter for most of his life.


After his sisters death, Han would devote a large amount of his time hunting down the people who killed his family.

In the year 13 BBY, Han would pinpoint the exact location of the gang that murdered his family. He would spend the next few weeks on Coruscant planning an attack on the building. He then attacked the gang hideout, slaughtering every one of the gangsters with his lightsaber. His once blue eyes, began turning Sith yellow. When he came face to face with the gang's leader, he disarmed him by chopping off both his arms. As the gang leader lay on the ground screaming in agony, Han stared right into his eyes. "Do you know what I'm capable of?" He said. "Please, please just stop!" The gangster cried. Han then force choked the gangster, lifting him off the ground. "Once I'm through with you, there will be one less piece of sh*t in the galaxy". Han then proceeded to break the gangsters neck. The gangster dropped to the ground, lifeless. Han then knelt on the ground and meditated for a while, attempting to bring himself back from the dark side. After meditating on the ground of the gang hideout, Han stood up. His eyes were now blue again. He had regained control and came back from the dark side.

Personality and traits

Han was generally a happy person. He never let his families murder affect him in everyday life, but it still got to him. He liked the little things in life. Like the plants, animals. He enjoyed walking around Coruscant, talking to people and just doing anything he really wanted to. He did have a hunger for battle, though. Whenever in combat, Han would be be overcome with joy. This love of battle also influenced his choice to join his sister as a bounty hunter.

Powers and abilities

Han, as a Grey Jedi, would use his emotions to fuel his use of the force. He would use anger to become stronger and sadness to heal people. There was a few times where he almost lost control of his emotions, but he eventually brought himself back into control.

Han also studied force alchemy when he was a bounty hunter. Sometimes even using it to heal himself or others.

He also used force lightning on a few occasions.


Han's most common equipment:

His Mandalorian armor

A purple lightsaber

A180 pistol

T-21B heavy blaster

A280 blaster rifle

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