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Queen Hallina as seen wearing the crown of hers.

Hallina's crown was a crown worn by Hallina, Monarch of Naboo, in 21 and 22 ABY, when she was murdered by the user of the dark side of the Force named Uahoo.


Hallina began wearing her crown in 21 ABY or in an unidentified period preceding that year. In 21 ABY, upon the independent movement Galactic Minority's invasion on the planet of Naboo, the woman was supposed to face an execution, while eventually being freed and locked in a cellar together with the Padma Elite Squad.

The crown did not fall off the Monarch's head following her being knocked out by the New Republic Ambassador Lanever Villecham in the successful trial to escape from the Galactic Minority's influence, nor did it fall when she was murdered by Uahoo upon the planet of Hosnian Prime.


The crown of Queen Hallina was composed of a purple cloth covering her bald head, as well as of a white chain enclosing it. Slightly higher, in turn, there was an apparent, orange template, resembling a plume with its shape.

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