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Hallina was Queen of Naboo who reigned over the planet in 21 ABY, during the invasion of the Galactic Minority, a free movement under the leadership of Broasca Nar, who fabricated her death and hid her in a cellar when the citizens' approval of joining the free movement was expressed in a referendum. In response to her distress call, the Chancellor of the New Republic, Grewpsha, send to the planet her envoys in the character of the Commissioner for Interior Lanever Villecham, Jedi padawan Ben Solo, and barman Dexter Jettster. When Uahoo took the entire authority over the organization by killing Nar, the ambassadors — during their escape from the Minority's forces — freed the monarch and developed a plan to leave the Theed Mansion together. As far as the mission was released successful and Uahoo was defeated by Luke Skywalker, in the end the monarch was knocked out by Lanever Villecham, who considered her to be a fake. The Jedi master, in turn, had meanwhile contacted Chancellor Grewpsha asking her for coming with help.

In 22 ABY the New Republic Capital City, which was located on Hosnian Prime, was raided on by the Galactic Minority's forces. It was then that Uahoo went as far as threating the Commissioner for Cultural Politics Rawse Varta to murder Queen Hallina if the former did not confess the knowledge how to activate the obsidian ring. Without any information received, however, he released the threat and eventually killed the helpless woman.


Early lifeEdit

Hallina was born on the planet of Naboo in a human family, and at some point in her life she was elected Queen of the entire, sovereign system.

Galactic Minority's attackEdit

Excuse me, the what? You murdered Queen Hallina?
—Lanever Villecham gets cross with the news he hears.

In 21 ABY the planet was invaded by the Galactic Minority under the leadership of Broasca Nar. With the aim of receiving help, Hallina sent a number of requests to Grewpsha, the then Chancellor of the New Republic.

Within a few days following the invasion, Broasca Nar ordered a referendum to be carried out. His personal aim in this activity was to formalize the act of invasion, so as soon as the society expressed an approval of joining the movement's members, Hallina was convicted of a death penalty. As far as she was initially planned to behead, her Padma Elite Guard eventually stood up for her. Resulting from this, the monarch ended up detained in a cellar under the Royal Hall together with them. Broasca Nar, in turn, became the de facto king with the authority received informally.

Hallina's distress call eventually did not stay ignored. A few days following her faked death, Chancellor Grewpsha decided to have a diplomatic mission performed to Naboo. For that reason, she ordered it to the Commissioner for Interior Lanever Villecham, who was supposed to arrive on the planet together with Jedi padawan Ben Solo and barman Dexter Jettster. On their common way to the planet, Villecham contacted the Chancellor to make sure whether his knowledge was complete enough to lead the upcoming conversation in the demanded way. During the talk, the Head of State calmed him when he became furious upon the unlawful invasion on the planetary system. In conclusion, she claimed that the New Republic could not intervene in worlds' local issues as far as this, and emphasized that the signals which she used to receive from the Queen were not regularly received anymore. At these words, the Tarsunt poetically kept concerned that there could not have been a positive reason for the sudden silence.

Getting freedEdit

Hello, I'm Hallina, the Queen of this system. I was supposed to get beheaded, but I was finally saved by my Padmas.
—Hallina introduces to the ambassadors.

As the discussion between the New Republic ambassadors and Broasca Nar lasted longer, it appeared not to be going in the intended way. Having noticed that uncomfortable fact, Lanever Villecham asked his speaker for a contact to the Queen. In response, however, he was only told that she had been beheaded the previous month, directly after a referendum brought an approval of the planet's membership in the Minority. These words caused Lanever Villecham to become furious, and eventually made him shout at his speaker. It was then that the room was entered by no one else than Uahoo. The Tusken Raider immediately murdered the Neimoidian and received his authority, which should lawfully belong to the cellar-detained Hallina. Despite all, the negotiators managed to leave the chamber and escaped as a result.

On their way, the envoys found themselves in the Royal Hall, under whose floor Hallina was being detained with her padmas. Their distress voices were originally heard by Ben Solo, who then shared the news with Dexter Jettster and Lanever Villecham. As soon as he realized this, the former was the first to start searching for, and eventually found, the flap leading to their prison. After this, he lifted this, and when he saw a woman inside, he asked the Commissioner what next to do with her. The Tarsunt told him to put her out, as he wanted to find out what she was doing there. The barman did what he was wanted to, and following this Lanever Villecham approached her, kissed her hand, and introduced himself, highlighting the office he held. When asked who she was, Hallina introduced herself, as well as claimed to be the monarch of the system. This brought the senator a doubt of her intention. He therefore apologized politely, and flatly emphasized that he remembered being told of her death. In response, she admitted having being convicted of being beheaded, but also mentioned that her padmas of the Elite Guard eventually stood up to save her. As soon as asked who they were, she pointed to the five woman worn in orange, who were leaving the basement room in the meantime

Dexter Jettster was another one to approach the padmas and kiss their hands. Lanever Villecham, in turn, went up to the woman to have a closer look at her. In the very end, he assumed that she was as reliable as a double or a robot, and therefore considered her to be either one. After a moment, the man asked her whether she had any idea what to do next, addressing her as no one other than a virgin. It was then than Ben Solo joined the talk and admitted having thought over an escape and rejecting it eventually, as it seemed not to be a real plan, considering the Minority could not let them go despite an optional attempt at this. Listening to these words, the monarch touched her chin and slightly winked her eyes to focus on figuring a better solution. After this, she spoke enthusiastically that all they needed was nothing more difficult than getting out of the Theed Mansion, which she claimed to be the only sector under the movement's control. With the padmas' hands kissed in full, Dexter Jettster suggested taking control over the ship instead of an attempt at escape. In spite of Lanever's positive reaction to that idea, Hallina denied its sense rather than confirmed it. She concluded that it would result in them leaving the planet together with the mansion's people, such as droids and Broasca Nar. It was not until then that Lanever Villecham informed the woman of the Neimoidian's death, executed by Uahoo. In reaction, the Queen felt saddened, as though she sympathized with the one responsible for her unreleased execution.

Ben Solo was another one to share his opinion. Instead of crying over the Neimoidian's dath, he suggested getting to the bridge and sending a signal from that place, one strong enough to reach one of the Republic cruisers, whose crew would, as Ben Solo found it, definitely come to rescue them. Hallina enjoyed that idea, so she nodded enthusiastically. It took as much as a few moments for Hallina, Solo, Villecham, Jettster, and the Padma Guard to leave the hall.


I'd rather you dropped your head and walked further in silence.
—Lanever Villecham tells off the Monarch.

Not a long period later Commissioner Villecham, Jedi padawan Ben Solo, and barman Dexter Jettster, along with Hallina and her five padmas, left the original mansion and found themselves on the cruiser's board. Going forward along a hallway, the Monarch mentioned that only a short distance was left to cover until they reached the Bridge. Consequently, she referred to the plan, according to which they were supposed to emit a signal to be send to the nearest Republic cruiser so its crew could set off to the rescue. At these words, however, Villecham told her off rather than praised her, and he said to her that he preferred to see her drop her head and continue walking in silence rather than to keep talking like this.

It was not later than a few moments that the friends reached another door. In order to open it, Ben Solo pressed the switch on the left. With the flap slid apart, a battle droid squad appeared, composed of droids that Admiral Prewt had sent there. In the face of this, Lanever Villecham shouted to Ben Solo and ordered him to close the door as soon as possible. It was then that Hallina broke Villecham's earlier command and quited the silence. She enthusiastically glanced and Lanever Villecham and said that her padmas would freely stand in defense. After this, with an appropriate command received, the Padma Alpha moved in front of the line, being followed by four of the others. Set in a certain pattern, the women suddenly took off their clothes, as well as showed black suits, tight-clinging to their bodies. It was not until then that the droids immediately opened fire against the ambassadors and the Monarch herself. In an act of defense, however, Ben Solo did nothing other than stopping their blaster beams floating over the ground. His act of braver turned out as regardless as nothing else, however, as Ben Solo did not cover the five padmas with his telekinesis. Hallina, seeing the thing happening, only laughed as well as admitted their clothes were made of the Zillo Beast skin, which was considered laserproof. By then, the handmaidens had already pounced on their opponents and moved on to demolish them repeatedly. They did not mind either not wearing gloves or the very number of the droids.

Watching the fight in front, Lanever Villecham asked Hallina whether she had another idea to get through to the bridge, considering their previous way had been cut off by the Padmas fighting. He addressed her as her name, and after this he made sure that she did not have anything against. She did not, and when she informed him of that, she also responded by his name, but soon corrected the slight mistake upon seeing her speaker's face. Ben Solo, in turn, suggested getting there along the hallway one floor above. For this reason, he started cutting a circular hole in the ceiling. When he got through, it came to Dexter Jettster's turn, who — when trying to pass — clumsily got stuck. With the issue noticed, Lanever Villecham swore in a slight way, but he quickly found another solution, consisting in nothing else but letting the padawan know that a new hole should be cut. Solo immediately took on to perform the received order. Despite, Hallina found it unnecessary, pointing out that the Padmas successfully beat the droids. Following this fact, Ben Solo eventually cut down another hole to get down again. The squad consequently went further, but they left Dexter Jettster alone stuck between floors, though.

Villecham's rebellionEdit

I don't think we'll need to change the hall. The padmas have successfully fought off the droid's attack so the way's free.
—Hallina informs of the free way.

Hallina, Lanever Villecham, Ben Solo, and the Monarch's padmas eventually reached their destination and arrived on the bridge at last. With the door come through, they saw an oblong computer, directly below the horizontal glass. In front of this view, the Queen interrupted a moment of silence, and announced that she would emit the signal with the most power possible by herself for the transfer to reach the nearest Republic cruiser. However, Lanever Villecham had a far different intention, and he did not want to keep listening to her as he had considered her to be a fake. For this reason, he decided to prevent her from leading her supposed idea to an end. However, he saw through her potential further actions, and figured out that the Padmas needed to be gotten rid of at first. In effect, he passed a fake piece of information to them, saying that he had heard something from out of the door. At these words, Padma Alpha glanced at Hallina to make sure what to do next. The Monarch therefore stopped and said that they should naturally listen to the Commissioner. With this fact confirmed, she went back to coming further to the computer. Lanever Villecham, in turn, went after the handmaidens, and when they disappeared in a narrow hallway, he closed the door for his plan not to be threatened. Immediately, he ran up to the chair the Monarch was sitting on and pushed her off so strongly the woman stumbled onto the ground and passed out resulting from banging her head on the floor.


Hallinnie, my kindly princess…
—Uahoo addresses to Hallina.

Hallina was self-possessed, cheerful, and sensitive. She did not worry of troubles around, for example of the fact that she was abducted, convicted of death, and then kept locked in a cellar. She also turned out sympathetic when she found out about the death of the one who convicted her himself. She did not mind opinions of others either, though she felt harmed upon being told off by Lanever Villecham.

Hallina kept in honor. Both when tortured by Uahoo and a moment prior to her death caused by him, the woman kept silent, even though there was finally no way she could disguise the tears flowing into her eyes.

Physical appearanceEdit

Hallina was a dark-skinned, bald woman with characteristic features, similar to a man. Lanever Villecham, the Commissioner for Interior of the New Republic, suspected the monarch of being a plastic fake or a double, considering her appearance not to be realistic. On her head, the woman used to wear a crown that she put on a violet shawl covering her bald head.

Behind the scenesEdit

The face of Hallina originally belonged to Maja Fey'ja, a character of the Legends timeline.

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