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Hak Tiler was a soldier in the New Republic military. He had an aurebesh letter Herf tattooed on his head—the first letter in his name.


Birth and early life

Hak Tiler was born on Corellia to a middle-class family. His father served in Corellian Security, and from the time he could walk, Hak wanted to be like him. However, his father was injured while working, and forced to retire. At age sixteen, Hak began dating a girl named Tya.

Joining the army

When Tiler was eighteen, he decided to leave Corellia to join the New Republic military. Though Tya was crushed, he left anyway, out of duty to the Republic. In the academy, he was in the top five soldiers in his class. When he graduated, he was promoted to corporal, and second in command of an elite squad.

First combat

Tiler's first taste of combat was against a group of anti-Republic insurgents on the planet Taris. Traveling with his squad to the Undercity of Taris, Tiler fought the rebels with skill and precision. One of his squadmates was killed, and two others were wounded, but the rest of the squad made it out alive.

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